Pvc Flooring Rolls - Balta Laminate Flooring.

Pvc Flooring Rolls

pvc flooring rolls
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pvc flooring rolls - IncStores Commercial
IncStores Commercial Grade Diamond Pattern Garage Flooring Rolls 9ftx60ft Slate Gray
IncStores Commercial Grade Diamond Pattern Garage Flooring Rolls 9ftx60ft Slate Gray
The commercial grade diamond plate design is one of our toughest garage flooring solutions available. The rolled diamond vinyl flooring is easy to clean and offers the look of a diamond plated pattern to help provide a durable non slip flooring surface. The diamond rolls also help keep your garage quiet and comfortable by providing an added layer of thermal protection and sound and are backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty.Diamond plate rolled vinyl is constructed of 100% high quality polyvinyl. What that means is that our rolled vinyl flooring does not just offer a veneer surface but rather that our vinyl floor rolls are constructed of the highest quality vinyl all the way through the product to ensure the longest life expectancy possible.

76% (17)
Adams MR2 After Multiple Rolls
Adams MR2 After Multiple Rolls
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PVC rolling floor Commercial use waterproof Thickness: 1.8mm,1.6mm,2mm ,2.5mm,2.6mm and 3mm Overlay: 0.15mm,0.45mm,and 0.75mm Weight:1.8kg/m2 , 2.4kg/m2 Width: 1.83-2meters Rolling length: 20meters

pvc flooring rolls
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