Brazilian Translators Association

Welcome to the Brazilian Translators Association.
The purpose of the association is to benefit individual translators of Brazilian Portuguese by providing networking opportunities, standard agreement boilerplate, translator and interpreter certification good for ten years and access to direct clients.
We have a Google Group as part of our organizational efforts, and hope to eventually graduate to a full-service website with a linguist locator accessible to the general public (as opposed to agencies-only). More....

We believe in cooperation and competition, and not just among linguists. Any association that includes corporate members catering to ALL languages ends up controlled by:
 1. Corporate what-is-your-rate agencies
 2. Spanish translators of the populist persuasion, and
 3. Professional "association executives" with their swarms of paid staff.

Most associations hide their member lists from internet search engines, charge exorbitant fees and bleed their members white. Cronies pick through the member list looking for cheap, unskilled labor and lobby to block member access to job markets.

We are out to change all that. If you like to compete, you're gonna love building this association.