Braz Camargo

Full Professor
Sao Paulo School of Economics - FGV


Rua Itapeva 474
São Paulo, SP, 01332-000
Phone: +55 11 3799 3350 (ext. 3376)
Fax: +55 11 3799 3357

E-mail: braz [dot] camargo [at] fgv [dot] br


Microeconomics, Applied Theory

  1. Information, Market Incentives, and Student Performance: Evidence from a Regression Discountinuity Design in Brazil, with Rafael Camelo, Sergio Firpo, and Vladimir Ponczek, Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming.
  2. Learning-by-Employing: The Value of Commitment under Uncertainty, with  Elena Pastorino, Journal of Labor Economics, 2016, 34(3), 581-620.
  3. Information Spillovers, Gains from Trade, and Interventions in Frozen Markets, with Kyungmin Kim and Benjamin Lester, Review of Financial Studies, 2016, 29(5), 1291-1320.
  4. Limited Monitoring and the Essentiality of Money, with Luis Araujo, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2015, 58, 32-37.
  5. Trading Dynamics in Decentralized Markets with Adverse Selection, with Benjamin Lester, Journal of Economic Theory, 2014, 153, 534-568. 
  6. Learning in Society, Games and Economic Behavior, 2014, 87, 381-396.
  7. The Essentiality of Money in Environments with Centralized Trade, with Luis AraujoRaoul Minetti, and Daniela Puzzello, Journal of Monetary Economics, 201259(7), 612-621. 
  8. Interracial Friendships in College, with Ralph Stinebrickner and Todd Stinebrickner, Journal of Labor Economics, 2010, 28(4), 861-892.
  9. Endogenous Supply of Fiat Money, with Luis Araujo, Journal of Economic Theory, 2008, 142(1), 48-73.
  10. Good News and Bad News in Two-Armed Bandits, Journal of Economic Theory, 2007, 135(1), 558-566. 
  11. Information, Learning, and the Stability of Fiat Money, with Luis Araujo, Journal of Monetary Economics, 2006, 53(7), 1571-1591.

  1. A Positive Theory of Red Tape, with Guilherme Stein.
  2. Credit Constraints and Voting on Human Capital Policies, with Guilherme Stein.
  3. Walrasian Lemons Markets, with Bruno Barsanetti.
  4. Earnings Dynamics: the Role of Learning, Human Capital, and Performance Incentives, with Fabian Lange and Elena Pastorino.
  5. On the Origin of Money, with Luis Araujo, Vincent Bignon, and Régis Breton.
  6. Accountability and Political Competition, with Arianna Degan.