"I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen will constitue it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light..."

-Jules Verne, Mysterious Island


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Alternative Fuels
     Water in fuel blends

All fuels for the internal combustion engine have one thing in common, they all contain hydrogen.  In reality all vehicles with internal combustion engines already run on hydrogen.  Hydrogen is the cleanest burning fuel we can use. When you burn pure  hydrogen with pure oxygen the only by product is pure water. Pollutants arise when other elements, like the carbon in fuels and the nitrogen in air,  are available to react with the oxygen inside the combustion chamber.

It helps to understand hydrogen if you view it as a closed loop system. Water is hydrogen and oxygen with a low energy content. Raise the energy content, through electrolysis for one example, and it discosiates into hydrogen and oxygen.  Expose the two gases to a heat source and they release the energy and revert back to water. None of the hydrogen is lost, it is just moved from a state of higher to lower energy. In theory, a system with a condenser  that would capture all the water vapor would enable one to simply burn the same batch of hydrogen over and over with the only addition to the system the energy needed to seperate the water back into  H2 and Oxygen. Use wind, hydro, or solar to supply this energy and you have  removed the burden of environmental degradation.

Although there are a few problems to overcome most ice's can be converted to run on hydrogen. In this article we will look at  methods of obtaining or generating cheap hydrogen and methods of converting conventional internal combustion engines to run on it. 

 homebrew hydrogen

This site contains plans for using scrap aluminum  mixed with water and a catalyst sodium hydroxide.  There are some safety issues that probably need to be addressed with this system, but it is a working system created by environmentalists with a can do attitude.

"yes, this hydrogen generator really powers a 318 cu. in. 1 ton Dodge van we use  to drive all over town daily."



Another site that is using the sodium hydoxide/water/aluminum reaction to create a homebrew hydrogen booster installed in a car.

"Learn how to make clean burning hydrogen gas from scrap materials."

"I take my work seriously and encourage others to continue to help find the solution to the end of big oil."



 This site has forums and pictures of  various homebrew electrolysis projects.



  Lots of hands on hydrogen application information on this site.

"An undeniable truth of life: choices involve consequences. As far as our energy choices go, choosing to burn fossil fuels almost exclusively for the last century and a half has brought tremendous development and opportunities, but it has not been without consequences.

Although we will continue to use petroleum for some time, we have reached the point in human history where we must evolve to a lighter, cleaner fuel. Browse our site to learn more about hydrogen. We have the technology to begin making a transition now. It is time to take it upon ourselves to make better energy choices for the 21st century."



Want to build your own fuel cell. Then you need to check this site out.



 Hydrogen Vehicle Conversion

Hydrogen conversion is very similar to conversion to Compressed Natural Gas conversions.  Many of the components used for CNG are also rated for H2.  At this time supplying the fuel is the greater obstacle to overcome.

 Company that converts cars to run on either H2 or Gasoline



"Saving the Planet.. One Car at a time!
Hydrogen Vehicle Systems specializes in converting dirty vehicles to use clean hydrogen fuel! We believe that by transforming our vehicles now we can make a huge impact on our future environment. "



United Nuclear has, what looks like, a good system. Hydride storage tanks.  Solar powered home  electrolysis.  Not selling to the public as of May 22, 06.


 "Intergalactic Hydrogen is a vehicle conversion and technology advancement enterprise with over 30 years of experience in the areas of engine and vehicle research, development and deployment. Our specialties include engine tuning, fuel system integration, and the design and installation of complete hydrogen fuel systems."



You can buy a Hydrogen powered Shelby Cobra NOW! Hydrogen Car Company sells converted hydrogen suv's, trucks, and cars.



H2 Info 

"Is Hydrogen Dangerous?"



"Hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element in the universe. Hydrogen can be produced from a wide variety of domestic resources using a number of different technologies. Fuel cells harness the chemical energy of hydrogen to generate electricity without combustion or pollution. NREL is working to develop and demonstrate advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil, improve our air quality, and maintain our economic competitiveness. "



"The American Hydrogen Association (AHA) is a non-profit association of individuals and institutions, technical and non-technical, who are dedicated to the advancement of inexpensive, clean and safe hydrogen energy systems. "



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