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"Biodiesel is a fuel made from vegetable oil that runs in any unmodified diesel engine. Biodiesel can be made from any vegetable oil including oils pressed straight from the seed (virgin oils) such as soy, sunflower, canola, coconut and hemp. Biodiesel can also be made from recycled cooking oils from fast food restaurants. Even animal fats like beef tallow and fish oil can be used to make biodiesel fuel. While biodiesel may sound like something from the movie “Back to the Future,” its use dates back over 100 years to the invention of the diesel engine."

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You can make your own or buy it commercially. There is a fairly well developed network of biodiesel retailer across the country, and it is getting better every day. Should you run into a area were it is unavailable you can run on petroleum based diesel since no modification is needed to the deisel engine to run on biodiesel.

One of the early promoters of biodiesel is Josh Tickell with his Veggie Van. Check out his site here: 

The most economical way to fuel your diesel would be to collect used cooking oil from resturants.  Here are links that offer everything you need to homebrew biodiesel yourself. 

Well designed closed loop biodiesel processing system. 

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