Books free for the reading!

Do you like to read? Expand your knowledge or just entertain yourself. If so you came to the right place! I'll show you where the FREE books are. It can be frustrating to begin a book and not be able to find it later. It might be a good idea to bookmark, or add this site to your favorites list, now.

  The largest resource for free books is Project Gutenberg. There are 17,000 free eBooks As Of  March, 2006. The list is expanding every day.


This link is not working I will leave it for the time being until i see if it is a permanent occurrence.

"Access the Great Books is a compilation of over 240 great authors and their works." It is compiled by the Access Foundation. Their list is arranged chronologically.



Great Books and Classics Books can be listed chronologically, by author, or by title. Good site with great links to other book depositories.

The Internet Classics Archive

Bringing the wisdom of the classics to the Internet since 1994.

Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors, including user-driven commentary and "reader's choice" Web sites. Mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive "This is a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship" This is one of my favorite sites it contains texts on everything from African religions to Zoroastrianism, with a well rounded fullness in between. Whatever ism your into, you can feed your mind here. 

The Online Books Page  is a site listing 25,000 free online books. The site was created by John Mark Ockerbloom, a digital library planner and researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. The listings can be searched by Author, Title, Subject, using the Library of Congress call number category, which organizes books according to their main topic. 

  The Etext Center at the University of Virginia Library has a large searchable collection of  electronic texts.  Very nice site.

The links above provide access to an enormous amount of reading material that should be able to keep you satisfied for a while. If you want a newer book or one that is still under copyright you may have to crack open that pocket book. When i buy a book i head to 

"Outside of a dog,
a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog,
it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx