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Vocal Soloists
"Ruth" Amanda Geer
"Mabel" Maria Klingsheim
"Sergeant of Police" Craig Cornell
"Major General" Jon Dahl
"Pirate King" Jeffrey Thauwald
"Edith/Kate" Julie Mliner
"Samuel" Kirby Johnson
"Fredric" Gabbrielle Ronnenberg

Pam Freet
Ellen Rollie
Diane Bicknese
Rebecca Oakland
Brian Oakland

"Ruth" Delia Dahl
"Mabel" Emily Biermann
"Sergeant of Police" Wesley Dean
"Major General" Cole Bouska
"Pirate King" Reese Wolf
"Edith/Kate/Isabel" Abby Biermann, Renee Lechner, Emma Hansen
"Samuel" Stanley Juzwiak
"Fredric" Trey Pokorney
"Police/Pirates/Girls/etc." Young Emma and Bryn


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