Online and Open-Source Resources for Data Sourcing, Visualization, and Analysis

Other Sites Like This

The Bamboo Dirt project, an aggregator of digital research tools from analysis to visualization
The WikiViz Tools site
The multifaceted dataviz site and in particular its page of links to other sites
High-tech and gorgeous Visualising Data, with a month-end best-of-web roundup
Similar dataviz blogs at Information Aesthetics and The Why Axis
Kaiser Fung's useful "don't let this happen to you" blog, Junk Charts
The list of selected tools (most require Javascript)
When good dataviz goes bad: infographics at Good : Transparency

Design: How To Think About Visualization

The Visual Complexity array of dataviz examples
A wide range of examples (many too complex, but all beautiful) at FlowingData
Information is Beautiful, a blog with a wide range of data visualizations
The Spatial Analysis blog with examples, news, and ideas
The mindboggling Periodic Table of Visualization Methods (with mouseover illustrations)
Variations on Minard's famous graph
A tutorial on visualizing numeric data by groups
A blog about how the New York Times does its visualizations

All-in-One ExamplesData + Visualization

A real-time Twitter trends map, Trendsmap
A Facebook social-network graphing application, Facebook Social Graph
A great real-time stacked-time-series generator, NameVoyager, the baby name wizard
Wolfram's massively useful general knowledge engine, Wolfram Alpha
To visualize members of Congress' voting behavior (including data), IBM's Many Bills
Terrific visualization of weather data at Weatherspark
A sobering graphic about deaths in war
A general data-visualization and mapmaking site with some built-in data, StatPlanet
For global maps with weather data, GPCC Visualizer
An interesting, if somewhat rigid, conflict visualization tool
The problems facing the American budget: graphs - data
Some nice opinion graphs illustrating epistemic closure and the effects of education: graphs

Visualization Tools

An easy-to-use wordcloud generator, Wordle (and a thoughtful essay on why wordclouds are bad, and an example of an alternative)
A more advanced and style-forward wordcloud generator, Tagxedo
The Overview project for visualizing relationships in large numbers of documents, with an example
Google's easy-to-use Google Chart Tools API
A basic plug-and-play online chart builder, Hohli
The JavaScript-based JSCharts site, which allows easy construction of basic charts and graphs
The free amCharts JavaScript bundle, which allows users to create static infographics or "live" charts for web use
The glorious animated multicolored scatterplot engine,
Google's similar and equally awesome Public Data Explorer
A general data-visualization engine, IBM's ManyEyes
The Tableau Public data-visualization tool [requires Windows]
The easy-to-use GPS Visualizer (requires longitude, latitude data)
The Flash-based map- and trend-generation engine, StatSilk
The Flash-based (and web-centric, but gorgeous) Flare [requires nontrivial compilation]
The difficult-to-learn but flat-out-jawdropping Data-Driven Documents (or D3 for short)
The cross-platform, open-source Gelphi tool for visualizing networks and complex systems
The Cytoscape network visualization platform
The NodeXL network graphing tool [requires Windows]
The dead-simple and very impressive GunnMap world map visualization tool
The OpenHeatMap distribution heatmap site
The stunning Tilemill program at Mapbox for visualizing data on maps, and some examples (tiered pricing includes free option)
The "free for now" ChartsBin world map creation tool
The easy-to-use, beautiful, and free GeoCommons map tool
Chart Chooser, a website for graphs and tables from Excel or PowerPoint templates
The Mondrian interactive-graph interface for creating graphs from ASCII, R, or database files
The Chartle tool (beta) for creating and exporting a variety of graphs and maps from Excel data
The Science of Science meta-tool for data analysis and visualization
A blog with relevant resources and links, Visualizing Data
Some information on flow maps, with source code (alpha version, far from user-friendly) and a demo

Data Resources

The OutWit Hub data scraping program (free version has limited functionality)
An overview of data scraping
A clear and detailed tutorial from ProPublica on data scraping with Ruby
Data scraping tools readLines, RCurl, and scrapeR, for R
The Needlebase data-scraping, acquisition, cleaning, and analyzing engine [Update: R.I.P.!]
Google's Fusion Tables for data acquisition, fusing, mapping, and graphing
Two amazingly slick tools for dataset cleaning, Data Wrangler and Google Refine
Free online data, plots, and dynamic data graphs at Data360
Google's web-based data-dredging tool, Google Correlate
Google's incredibly addictive tool for tracking trends in phrases mentioned in books, Google ngram viewer
The more general Google Trends tool
The QuantumGIS geographical information project
A fairly useful-looking web-based general data analysis tool, StatCrunch
Stunning graphics for the programming-oriented at

Dataset Archives

The IMF's online database of economic indicators, the US Government's online data warehouse
Fantastic online data compilations and visualizations at The Guardian and The Los Angeles Times' Data Desk
Tons (literally) of Big Data datasets at InfoChimps
Over 100 million time series at mercenary time-series aggregator DataMarket (free subscription required)
The Dataverse project for archiving and storing research data
Paul Hensel's international relations data page and ISA's data compendium (also by Hensel)
Emory University's Electronic Data Center
Google's Public Data tool
The ICPSR data archive
Public opinion polls from Gallup
ISA's Data Compendium page
The IMF's Principal Global Indicators database
Some raw data from OKCupid to explore
Raw data about frequencies of words in written vs. spoken English
Comprehensive electoral data from Adam Carr at Psephos
The European Social Survey data website
International events data projects listed at the KEDS Project website
Wikileaks data on Iraq war deaths, with latitude, longitude, and event type
Wikileaks data on Afghanistan IED attacks, with spatial coordinates
Historical economic data from The University of Groningen
Monstrous omnibus lists of data archives:
    Social science data archives from Craig McKie
Network data from Stanford

Presentation of Results

Choose a color scheme using Colorbrewer or at colourlovers 
Select a new font or fonts at dafont
Edit your initial image using Inkscape, an open-source Illustrator alternative
Contemplate why exactly you suck at Powerpoint

Resources for Connecting with R

The R Commander graphic interface
The Rdatasets site, which catalogs all of the datasets available natively in R
The Mondrian data-visualization interface, which can pull data from R to create interactive graphs
The rdatamarket package for pulling data from DataMarket directly into R
R datasets on truly random (but generally interesting) topics at reddit
The incredible R Graph Gallery, with source code
The ggplot2 R library
The ggmap R library, which plots latitude/longitude data on maps
A good example of how to make a heatmap (not geographical) with R's heatmap library
A useful example of how to make 3D maps with R's persp library
Two tutorials (here and here) on combining maps with data
A tutorial on how to turn time series data into calendar heatmaps in R

Why DataViz Isn't Enough: The Need for Statistics

The Wikipedia article on Simpson's Paradox
An intro chapter from Wainer, Picturing the Uncertain World, with five great examples of De Moivre's equation in action