Mens Fashion Tops

mens fashion tops
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mens fashion tops - Affliction ACMC
Affliction ACMC Iron Full Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt - Navy Blue (Large)
Affliction ACMC Iron Full Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt - Navy Blue (Large)
You already have more rugged style than you know what to do with - but a little more couldn't hurt. Lockdown your position as the most undeniably cool guy to ever travel the streets when you rock this ACMC Iron hoodie from Affliction. Its sick, custom Affliction graphics on front and back, unique charcoal brush-wash treatment and allover distressed details will solidify you as alpha wolf of the fashion scene.
100% Cotton
Midweight full zip hoodie sweatshirt
Terry cloth lining
Two front pockets
Distressed screen print graphics
Custom Affliction zipper pull
Distressed details for a worn look
Sewn-on Affliction American Customs patch on pocket
Rough-hewn hems
Charcoal brush-wash fabric treatment
Rib-knit cuffs & waist
Hood without drawstring
Tagless collar

80% (11)
Back Stairs
Back Stairs
From the top: geez I need a haircut. If it gets any longer they'll start busing me over to Berkeley with, you know, the hippies. This was the day of the first in a series of local earth quakes. I missed out on the excitement, as usual, this time by being underwater in the transbay tube, on my way to (insert hippie hair joke here) Berkeley. Being under water in an earthquake would normally be disconcerting. But I didn't notice anything unusual. By the time I was ready to be shot and tagged I was back in the City, chasing the last embers of daylight, and finding them in the most western stairwell the building had to offer. The tie is of English extract, or so the label claims, it is otherwise tight lipped about it's origins. The vest and jacket are thrifted orphans from suits, the partner pieces of which I never met. That's fine, since if one piece fits the others rarely do. In thrift stores I always marvel at these curious proportions: where one piece of a suit fits as if it were made for me, and the rest of it not at all. How can someone with my sleeve length have legs half my size. Then again, we have at least two circus schools in town... The pieces are coming together. Additionally, it says something about me that I always gravitate to the circus freak suits on the rack. My people. Tie: tie of mystery Shirt: BCBG Vest: untagged Jacket: untagged Trousers: BR
On top of the world
On top of the world
(My 16th Explore. # 383: 12-Dec-2008) Was clicking these sweet little ones, when I noticed a small ant on top of one of the flowers. Just managed to get this one, as it wasn't so photogenic and moved away after that. Oh btw, I am considering upgrading to a DSLR. Any suggestions?

mens fashion tops
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