Bratton Clovelly Venues
Two Halls and a Pub
(and Booking Enquiries) 
The Parish Hall
At short notice the Hall is capable of 
seating  110 people at tables,
200 seated in concert rows,  or 250+ standing, or combinations of
seating and standing  up to approximatly 400
Greater capacity can be achieved by early booking
and our arranging  additional tables/chairs to your needs
There is a large well equipped Kitchen and a Licensed Bar 
This Hall is (larger than a badminton court) having a proscenium stage 5 x3m ,
that can also be moved and reconfigured in any part of the hall
It also has constant ambient green heating ( Constant 18C), plus boost ,so the building is always warm
The Hall can be used for Weddings, Parties, Concerts/Shows, Indoor Sports etc
Prices can be found on the Parish Hall Pages
Bratton Clovelly Parishioner discounts are available
To Check for booking availability and Contact Click here to go to the Parish Hall Pages

The School Room
(A restored 19c school building)
Capable of seating 40 at tables or in a presentation format
This has a fully stocked Galley kitchen
This hall has green underfloor heating 
The Hall could be used for Parties, Small groups, Talks/Shows, Yoga etc
Contact the School Room for current Fees  (set-up take-down time negotiable)
Bratton Clovelly Parishioner discounts are available

The Clovelly Inn 
The 'Clovelly Inn' will, if asked, assist your event in the Parish Hall and can
themselves accommodate Birthday and Celebrations 
for up to 24 diners (and sometimes more if arranged well in advance)
The Clovelly Inn can accommodate up to 50 dining places in all
for 'Clovelly Inn' enquiries ~ 01837 871 447