2016 Theme 'As Seen On TV'
This year a Free Scarecrow Quiz was run by the Fete Group
and were  made available from the pub, for a week, & then on the day of the Fete
Answers were to be found by finding the scarecrows to get the answers
The Questions and Answers appear under each image

One Question was ~ What is the day and date of this year's 'It Must Be Fete'
Answer ~ Sunday 19th June

Q) What name is on Ozzie Osborne’s arm?
A) Sharon

Q) What 2 things are worn around his neck?
A)  Map & a File (Country File)
Q) With whom is Peppa Pig playing? 
A) George

Q) What colour are Dusty Bin’s boots?
A) Yellow
Q) What message is written on the suitcase?
A) Wanted on Voyage

Q) Where does this scarecrow normally drink?
A) Wool Pack, Emmerdale
Q) Who is on Home Guard duty?
A) Captain Mainwaring
Q) Name two of the 'Spring Watch' people
A) B Oddie, K Humble, C Packham, S King
Q) Who is the Top Gear presenter?
A) Chris Evans
Q) Which of the Two Ronnies is telling a story?
A) Ronnie Corbett ( With Four Candles)
Q) Who is stood next to Wallace?
A) The Flower Children (See >>>)
>>> Q) What has happened to Gromit?
A) Gone to lead 'Dogs for Brexit' (Above)
Q) Who is looking over the wall ?
A) Shaun the Sheep
Q) In which programme is this person seen?
A) Top Gear
Q) What colour is Sooby Doo's collar?
A) Blue (or Blue-Green)
Q) Name a missing Magic Roundabout character
A) Brian (the Snail) or Dylan (the Rabbit) etc
Q) From which film, seen on TV, is this character?
A) "Well if it ayn't Mary Poppins" 

7 people had all answers correct ~ so a draw was made from these
The Quiz Winners were ~
U 18 .... Terri McNellis              18+ .... Alan Haiselden