About Dartmoor 
 As a village that overlooks North-West Dartmoor we thought it would be helpful to include a Page of Links that would help anyone in or coming to the Dartmoor Area. To that end ... here follows Map Links, Culture & History and What's On Links.

Reference: Dartmoor 365
The Dartmoor 365 refers to a Book written by John Hayward. It lists 365, one mile square, locations (based on the 365 sq miles that Dartmoor covers)... the Book you will need to find  for  yourselves ~ but if you have one these links may help.
'Google Maps' of the 365 Locations
The 365 Grids A to G The 365 Grids G to K
The 365 Grids K to P The 365 Grids P to X

The Dartmoor 365 Facebook Group 
Reference: Dartmoor Tors
There are over 300 Tors & Rocks on Dartmoor, (Stone Outcrops on Hills), and each has been given a name...  some are named after locations (Belstone Tor) , some have animal names (Fox Tor,  Sheeps Tor) and some names were created in the mists of Time...

'Google Maps' Tor Locations
Note: There are no Tors beginning with the letter Z
Reference: Legends, Stories and Traditions
There are so many Traditional Stories associated with Dartmoor... and so we include a link to a site that will give you all the Legends, Stories, Traditions and more, to satisfy your hearts desire... Ghostly Apparitions, the Devil Riding Out, Cures and Remedies, Chagford Wives...  Find out all via the following link.
Reference: Local Events around Dartmoor
If you are a Devon local, or if you are visiting, it is sometimes useful to know What's On in the Area Around Dartmoor or even further afield' ~ These are General Information Sites that perhaps have pages with suggestions on where to stay and what to do, but we have avoided sites that sell Tours or Accommodation directly. 

Although the Cornish put Clotted Cream on the Top,  
(See our Scones Page for a perfect Cream Tea)
 as we are so close to Cornwall we have included a link to ~

More Links to follow