Joint Local Plan (Housing)

Your Chance to Comment

Joint Local Plan Consultation
On 15th March a consultation about the final draft of the Joint Local Plan is opening,
the full 360 document can be viewed by clicking here. It is a very large document,
a significant part of it concerning Plymouth and the South Hams area,
but it also looks at West Devon towns and villages.
Page 225 identifies Bratton Clovelly as being a sustainable
 village able to accommodate 20 new dwellings.

Click Here to for Pages 224 to 226 (extracted from the full document)
At this stage the Planning Inspector is seeking views on whether the plan is sound and meets the tests set out in the National Planning Policy Framework, and to have the greatest influence at this stage it is advisable that representations should relate to the soundness of the Draft Joint Local Plan or to its compliance with legal requirements. Comments will go straight to the Planning Inspector.

The Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting to consider
the consultation and any response which might  be made
The outcome of that Meeting concluded that there were Erroneous Calculations based on 'A full Bus Service, Full Mobile Phone availability' etc
The following Links will explain far more
The Councils Motion and the Reasoning Behind It ~ & what you might comment on
How you can help to rectify inaccuracies in the Plan

Comment on the Local Plan ~ where to say it before 26th April

Thank You for supporting your Parish