The Curse of Japanese Knotweed 
Japanese Knotweed was introduced to Victorian Gardens due to its decorative stems and foliage.

We now know its true nature as an extremely invasive damaging plant  which can grow up through tarmac, brickwork and concrete .

It has to be carefully treated with strong weed killer. Strimming or cutting of this plant can cause it to spread more quickly as the smallest sliver can propagate into a new plant.  

The plant cannot 'seed' so spreading is either by root growth or by cut stem propagation.  So bad is the plant that you can receive large fines for purposely cultivating it.

Invasion though brickwork
into a House

Growing ~ It starts with a similar look to
Dock Leaves but  continues in height
to three or more feet

Stems of knotweed have a pink mottling and the leaves are a vivid green.

Known locations, around the area, are marked with Single Blue Wooden Posts

 If you come across this plant anywhere (and no blue post) you should 
report its location to West Devon Borough Council via
Parish Council Clerk  or direct to West Devon using their On-line Form