Emergency & Winter Planning

Winter Planning Advice
A Devon and Cornwall  Emergency Planning Leaflet and Video
have been produced to help people plan for unfortunate eventualities and emergencies
This is called the
CLEAR Plan (See Below)
See Leaflet

Both the video and the leaflet encourage you to stay safe and
have a CLEAR plan by following five easy steps:

•       Check the radio, television, social media or internet for weather warnings and news that might warn you that an emergency situation is likely to occur. 

•       Keep a List of important numbers and details (like insurance policy numbers and prescriptions) to hand. 

•       Have an Emergency Bag prepared with items that would help you

•       Know how and when to Act, should the worst happen,

•       This will all help you to Recover better once the emergency has passed.

The video can be viewed online  
 Click Here

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