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Seasonal Wreath - Workshop

There is a Wreath-Making Workshop each year and a great time is 
had by all with profits going to Local Good Causes
The 2018 Wreath-making will be in 2 sessions (at the Parish Hall)
Morning Session (9:45 - Lunch) for those who have some experience (25 max)
Plus Afternoon Session (1:30 - 4pm) for Absolute Beginners/Novices (15 max)

15 participated in the first session in 2014 and 30+ in 2017~ (including 5 men)
Images from the Session in Dec 2015 in the Old School Room

 First make a base of Moss wired to a Metal Hoop

 Now carefully wire in your chosen Holly & Berries etc

Small Pine Branches  make a fine addition 

Now build up you Wreath to your desired look

And lets see what we have (a finished selection)

Finally ~ take  home and display your work

Thanks to Jenny for the tutorship, and equipment and necessary bits  
 and we look forward to next year's session ~ where more people will want to take part

(The session cost is £10 and everyone walked away with a Wreath that would have cost £25 to £30 in a shop)
Happy Solstice & Seasonal Cheer