Bratton Clovelly's (Easy Going) Art Group
Art Group

Bratton Clovelly has an enthusiastic Art Group that meets every Wednesday from 1:45pm until 1;40 pm
in the Parish Hall.

Mainly keen beginners, the group has a regular fortnightly Tutor (Anita) who instructs, advises, helps and guides the members in a broad range of media, including Acrylic, Pastel, Printing, Watercolour, Collage and Sketching as well as encouraging group members to have a go at something different. 
The group chooses and sets a topic for each term of 8 sessions, with Anita setting the ball rolling with a focused workshop during first session.

Members are helped to explore the topic and develop individual projects on her subsequent visits. Eg: Pet/Animal portraits, the Bratton Clovelly Landscape, In the Garden, etc......
If you would like to pop in to see what transpires, please feel free to do so, someone is always willing to let you borrow a bit of this and that so you can try your hand.

Membership Costs are  kept  very low and New Members are always welcome

In Fond Memory of  'JACK' Hayer