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Bits of Devon

Bratton Clovelly is a small village in West Devon
The community is made up of Devon 'born and bred' and those who have
moved into the area for work or due to its quiet rural beauty.
Local life is friendly and laid back with people stopping to pass the time as they move around the village.
The pace of life is gentle and things get done 'Dreckly' ~ which is
like 'Manyanha'
but not quite so urgent

Devonshire UK

In Devon we have the F
irst Creation of the 'Pasty'
~ At Tavistock Abbey in 1510...
230 years before the first record of a Pasty in Cornwall

There are also the Stannary Towns of  Tavistock, Chagford and Ashburton
(Stannary Towns where refined Tin was assayed and sold)

Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks
The Dartmoor Pony

Plymouth ~ where Sir Francis Drake played Bowls on the Eve of his
Spanish Armada Adventure ~ and nearby his home Buckland Abbey
Plymouth is also from where the
American 'Founding Fathers' set sail to the New World

Torbay ~ The English Riviera ~ (in summer that is)

The Massive Sidmouth Folk Festival (A Whole Week in Early August)
And Much More

Devon Tourist Information