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Club Officers


 Lynn Kuralt  and

 Melissa Kuralt  

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Vice President Jill Stahl-Tyler  
Recording Secretary  Frankie Knibb
Corresponding Secretary Meg Harriman
Treasurer  Libby Lafland
Librarian  Sheila Kinnare

 Annual Banquet  Carlene McCarty & Judy Wagenbach
 Jil MacMenamin
 Exhibits, Design  
  & Horticulture
 Nancy Long & Judy Wagenbach
 Executive Committee Composed of all officers & committee chairs
 Horticulture Scholarship Jil MacMenamin  See each year's winners
 Hospitality  Fran Jerard
 Membership  Judy Wagenbach
 Nominating Committee Nancy Long Carlene McCarthy 
 Plant Sale - Spring
                     Fall - Mums
 Judy Wagenbach
 Bonnie Girvan
 Libby Lafland
 Food Sale  Welcome Center - Carlene McCarthy
 Cobblestones      Jil MacMenamin
 Programs  Lynn Kuralt & Melissa Kuralt
Publicity/Photographers  Jill Stahl-Tyler

Town Beautification

 Mary Heninger - Creamery Bridge Park, Western Ave.

 Sandra Stromberg - Green Mountain Chapel 480 Western Ave.

 Jil MacMenamin - World War I Park

 Jil MacMenamin - The Stone Trust Feature Wall located at the Scott Farm  


Yearbook  Jil MacMenamin, Lynn Kuralt & Melissa Kuralt
Webmaster  Jil MacMenamin

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