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2014 Monday, December 8

   Making Holiday Centerpieces
Nancy Renaud will lead this workshop. Members will get to make one item, and the cost for a second and third item is $10 each.


Since we must order supplies, you must RSVP by December 1 to Carlene McCarty.

  • Location:     Green Mountain Chapel
  • Time:           6:00 p.m.
  • Hostesses:  Ann Newsmith  & Libby Lafland



We will display our centerpieces for horticulture credit.
2014 Monday, December 15
   Holiday Party
Enjoy a hot cup of soup and our annual Yankee Swap! 
  • Location:          Carlene McCarty's home 
  • Time:                6:00 p.m.
  • Hostesses:      Carlene McCarty and Judy Wagenbach

 Please RSVP to Carlene, by December 8. 


2014 Monday, November 10

   Making Wreaths and Swags

Nancy Renaud will lead this workshop on holiday wreaths and swags. Members will get to make one item, which the club will pay for, and a second or third item for a charge of $10 each.


Since we must order supplies, you must RSVP by November 3 to Carlene McCarty .

  • Location:    Green Mountain Chapel
  • Time:           6:00 p.m.
  • Hostesses:  Karen Davis & Rene Brewer-Durkee



We will display our wreaths for horticulture credit.


2014 Monday, October 13

   Forcing Bulbs for Spring Bloom

   Judy Wagenbach & Carlene McCarty
Forcing flower bulbs to enjoy in early spring is easy and fun.  Why wait for the stores and flower shops to stock tulips and daffodils in bloom when you can have your own stash at home? 
  • Location:         Green Mountain Chapel
  • Time:               6:00 p.m.
  • Hostesses:      Mary Rivers & Ann Duzinski


   Falling Leaves

  • Design:            A flower arrangement in Fall colors for your dining room table--not to exceed 16" in height, width or depth
  • Miniature:      A small arrangement as above scaled in size not to exceed 8" overall.
  • Horticulture:  Flowers from your garden A branch not to exceed 18' in length from a berried or blooming shrub in your yard.


2014 Monday, September 8

   Flower Arranging

    Frankie Gibson & Sandy McCauley

This is an opportunity to learn new skills or refresh old ones. Frankie and Sandy will demonstrate methods to achieve that perfect arrangement, enabling more members to participate in the horticulture portion of our monthly programs. Following our flower arranging, we will share a "Souper Supper."

  •  Location:    Green Mountain Chapel
  • Time:           6:00 p.m.
  • Hostesses:  Grace Amidon & Fran Jerard


  Back To School

  • Design:              A flower arrangement for your living room--not to exceed  16" in height, width and depth.
  • Miniature:         A small flower arrangement as above scaled in size to 8" overall.
  • Horticulture     Flowers and blooming branches from your yard.


2014 Monday, August 11

    Annual Beach Party - Lake Spofford

    Come swim, talk, and play!

 Bring your bathing suit, beach toys, a

 chair, towel, and food to share. If you

 have a kayak, bring it along as well.

  • Location:         B&K Aqua Club across from Pine Grove Golf Club,  Lake Spofford, N.H.
  • Time:               4 p.m. to dark (arrange your own car pool)
  • Hostesses:      Carlene McCarty, Adrienne Raptis, Mary Rogers, & Meg Harriman


2014 Monday, July 14

   Annual Garden Tours

Come enjoy a wonderful evening visiting three special gardens in Brattleboro- we'll enjoy lemonade and dessert in Lynn's garden at the Crosby House at the end of the tour.

The first garden is at the home of Martin Webster on Pleasant Street, then we'll drive to view the gardens at Holton Home and visit with some former club members who reside there. We'll end our tour across the street at Lynn Gavoni's Crosby House.

Feel free to bring a picnic dinner if you'd like. Cookies and lemonade will be provided at the Crosby House.

  • Time:               Tour starts at 5:30 p.m ... meet at the Green Mountain Chapel at 5 pm to carpool
  • Coordinator:   Lynn Gavoni
  • Hostesses:      Missy Shuey & Lynn Gavoni

Car Pool:         5:00 p.m. at Green Mountain Chapel


Garden Tour - No Exhibits


2014 Monday, June 9

  Making Flower Stepping Stones
   Judy Wagenbach & Carlene McCarty


 Come prepared to have fun making a flower shaped stepping stone.  Please bring a board, tray, or cookie sheet (at least 12 inches square) to transport your product home. A pair of work gloves or plastic gloves will also be helpful.  All other materials will be supplied. 

  • Location:      Green Mountain Chapel
  • Time:             6:00 p.m.
  • Hostesses:    Frankie Gibson & Alice Stockwell
Festive Occasion
  • Design:            A flower arrangement to greet guests to your home for a June festive occasion - not to exceed 16" in height, width and depth.
  • Miniature:      Same as above scaled in sized to 8" overall.
  • Horticulture:  Flowers from your garden. Blooming branches from trees and shrubs in your yard.


2014 June 2-Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont Annual Meeting

check for details!


2014 Monday, May 12

   Shade Gardening  Have you ever thought that you can't grow anything in the shade? It's not true!

    Garden designer Dot Lenhardt will talk about what it takes to have a successful garden in the shade...and it's more than just hostas! Soil, light, moisture and plant choices will all be discussed. 

  • Location:     Green Mountain Chapel
  • Time:           6:00 p.m.
  • Hostesses:  Patti Neubauer* and Marion Abell
Welcome Spring  
  • Design:  An Arrangement to celebrate winter's end using flowers and or branches not to exceed 16" in height, width or depth.
  • Miniature: A small arrangement as above not to exceed 8" overall in height width and depth.
  • Horticulture:  Flowers and branches from your garden.


2014 Monday, April 14

 Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club 

 Annual Meeting

  Dinner and meeting at the beautiful Chesterfield Inn.  Please join us to savor the delicious food and visit with your Garden Club friends.


  Annual business meeting and speaker to follow.


  Coordinators:    Grace Amidon and  Frannie Burrows

  Location:             The Chesterfield Inn

  Time:                     5:30 p.m. cocktail hour

                                 6:30 dinner

  Cost:                     $25.00


 Please come prepared to pay your annual dues:  $20 Active/$25 Associate Member.       



2014 Monday, March 17

Edible Landscaping

Anna Johansen will speak about choosing plants for both beauty and nourishment in the home garden. She will discuss how creation of a site profile to ensure proper plant selection and placement, edible annual and perennial fruits, herbs and vegetables, fruit and nut trees and shrubs, as well as sources for both plants and seeds. 

A native Vermonter, Anna holds her degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. She owns and operates an organic cut flower business in Dorset and is a licensed landscape architect, working independently and with Julie Messervy Design Studio in Saxtons River.

Location:     Green Mountain Chapel

Time:           6:00 p.m.

Hostesses:  Fran Jerard* and Libby Lafland


Please come prepared to pay your annual dues: $20 Active / $25 Associate Member.


The Ides of March Design:  An arrangement using fresh and/or dried plant material not to exceed 16" in height, width, and depth.

Miniature:  A small arrangement as above not to exceed 8" in height, width and depth.

Horticulture:  House plants of your choice.