Vintage cowgirl decor. Mediterranean decoration

Vintage Cowgirl Decor

vintage cowgirl decor
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Even cowgirls get the blues . . .
Even cowgirls get the blues . . .
. . . except when they have blankies like this one to snuggle under, and a rootin' tootin' cowboy to snuggle with! I love this double-sided jacquard-woven blanket. It doesn't match my bedroom, but I use it on my bed in the winter. The motif includes a sheriff's badge, bullets, fancy cowboy boots with spurs, a lariat or rope, a six-shooter, and a really funky-looking ten-gallon cowboy hat. It's hardly the frou-frou decor that I often favor, but it's charm is just undeniable.
1960s Hazel Atlas Tom Collins Glasses Featuring Squaredancers
1960s Hazel Atlas Tom Collins Glasses Featuring Squaredancers
~ Swing Your Partner! ~ You get both of these delightful 6" Emerald Green beauties. Both are in lovely condition. Perfect for cool and refreshing poolside beverages or for just sitting out on the fire escape with a frosty beer and watching the world go by. SurrenderDorothy. Vintage Requirements For The Hopelessly Hip.

vintage cowgirl decor
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