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Island Theme Decorations

island theme decorations
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Heart Island
Heart Island
The huge castle you see in the background is called Boldt Castle, an immense mansion built by a man for his wife. Everything about the island took on a heart theme - from the decorations, to the shape of the island itself, which the owner modified to resemble the shape of a heart.

One and a half months before the finishing of the castle, the wife died, and the man never set foot on the island again...

Yep. I don't think I want to build a house for a wife in this region...
Island of Doom
Island of Doom
Every group that does decorations starts spamming the building with clever posters days before the party as a teaser. Third floor went nuts with their Island of Doom theme. It was an explosion of creative construction paper phenomenon. They had a volcano, waterfall with cave, a few conference rooms converted into tiki bars... I'm not sure who won but these guys were definitely in the running.

island theme decorations
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