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Decor Home Western

decor home western
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1906 Western Frogs Natural History Print (detail)
1906 Western Frogs Natural History Print (detail)
Here's a 'Rana pretiosa' female also known as The Western Frog photographed in water to showcase her pretty pink belly. This delightful antique illustration with it's identification key identifying this 8 frog species, was harvested from a 1906 publication concerning a variety of Amphibians of North America and is every bit as fresh, crisp and colorful as the day it rolled off the presses 104 years ago. The beautifully frame-able 6.75" x 10" full color print is done on heavy quality matte finished stock and has been exposed to a bit of dampness on the right hand side long ago. It's blank on the reverse.
The glow of light
The glow of light
My Stain glass window even holds the glow as the lighted wreath from below lights the way

decor home western
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