Källor och arkiv 2

Det finns också en utröfligare beskrivning av hanteringen av källor och arkivplatsen.

Adding Sources and Repositories

 As you become more accomplished, you will appreciate the concept of sources. Every fact in the database can be attributed with a link to where you got that information from along with the details in the source reference. The name, birth, death and so on are all facts that can be sourced from many places. If you can, get in the habit of ALWAYS adding a source to every fact, event or even name and Individual. Many a time you come back six months later, see something that now seems incorrect, but wonder where you got that notion from. Genealogy is more a constant refining process where you develop better and better educated guesses until you feel you have overwhelming evidence to support just one answer. This happens with every fact -- the name, birth date, birth place and so on. So while it may appear as a tedious task, adding sources pays later.

You can add a source in the Sources tab on the individual display, and on virtually every fact and object editing screen - whether you are adding or editing new people, events, multimedia etc. The 'Sources' tab is appropriate for sources of a general nature relating to the person. If the source applies to the specific fact, event, image etc, it is better to note the source there. And it is just fine to create a use a source that simply identifies it as an attestation by a specific individual. At least you know where it came from in case you need to reconfirm later or decide which source wins out when conflicting.

Sources can be linked to a repository as well. So the source may be your family bible while the repository is a particular household or family that holds the bible. Or the source may be a particular book and the repository a library where you found the book. Get in the habit of listing the repository as well, even if your own collection. Like sources attached to facts, you will not remember later on where you had seen that important document you forgot to make a photo copy of. Leave a breadcrumb to find that trail later.