Team History

October 2003 - Nate, Jenny, Kerry Soo, and Nick Reich lament the state of mixed ultimate in the Bay Area.  So much talent, but dispersed over too many teams.  They decide to start a new team with the goal of concentrating the top mixed talent, with the goal to compete for the national championship.  Shortly thereafter, Nick moves back east and misses out on the fun. Lucky for the Monkey, Patrick fills the void, and Brass Monkey swings forward.

Spring 2004 - Brass Monkey has 40-50 people at open tryouts.

April 2004 - At the DUI tournament in Davis, Mike Franz and Sam O'Brien create the classic "Bam Bam Bam - Monkey Monkey Monkey" cheer.

August 2004 - The tournament that starts it all. Chico. Hot weather. Patrick's amazing toes. Jesse's Mingle game (Princess, Cowboy, Spoon). Chicken fights in the street. Will T. and Patrick wrestling much to a fence's dismay. Oh, and we won too.

September 2004 - Monkey-shines and practice at Dave Brokaw's Lake Tahoe cabin. Saltine eating contest (damn you, Su Wu!) Twister. Texas Hold 'Em. Hucks that go on for miles.

October 2004 - UPA Nationals. Mike Margulies gets awful sick after eating cold cuts that have been sitting in the sun all day and drinking way too much red bull.  Monkey loses to Shazam in the semifinals of nationals in a close game.

March 2005 - Brass Monkey's season starts early in Quincy. Monkey triumphs in the freezing cold heavy downpour. Dave Brokaw finds his happy place. Will T. disappears on the back of an SUV with a beauty queen wave to his wife, Jo, who patiently awaits his return with a bouquet of flowers.

September 2005 - Labor Day. Depression-Era defense and No Soup for You become permanent fixtures in our motivation courtesy of one Will Tams. Here it is in all its glory: 

No food on their table
No porridge in their bowl
It's Depression Era Defense
And now we're gonna roll

No ketchup in their bottle
And the oven's got no coal
It's Depression Era Defense
and now we take our toll

Brass Monkey

Early October 2005 - Northwest Regionals. Monkey qualifies for Nationals in record time - after only one day of play on Saturday. They avenge their earlier loss to Shazaam by promptly stuffing them in the finals 15-4 with a stifling zone.  Wendy coins the term, "Shazaam'd." (Please see her for a proper definition.)

October 30, 2005 - Ror$hack leads Brass Monkey in the finals of nationals 10-9, but Monkey goes on a 6-1 run to end it and become national champions.  Great play all around.  The trophy rides first class on the trip home from Sarasota to Oakland.