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Wooden Boats

Brass in the Grass III & the Silver Screen 2012 is privileged to have a display of beautiful power wooden boats at this years show. You will find them at the 'Mahogany Beach' set. Yes a Beach on the Campus Green! Complete with Dock, pier, Nautical rope and Sandy Beach. It will be graced with 30's and 40's Cris Craft and Gar Wood and other brands of these magnificent Mahogany works of art! On the dock you will find the period attire 'Fashion Show, and best dressed that defines the era contest! Don't miss this beautiful display at 'Brass in the Grass III and the Silver Screen 2012!  
Photo of Mary Drew as a child with her Mom and 'Charlie Gar' their 1946 Gar Wood, still owned by Mary and Eric Drew of Healdsburg, displayed at 'Brass in the Grass III & the Silver Screen Sunday May 6th 2012'!