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Special Activities

Quilting Show
Quilts, Old & New
We will display quilted items in the "Quilt Show" during the Brass in the Grass event at Redwood Adventist Academy, fill out the Entry form, or call: 

Paulette Fenzel at 575-8693, or
 Sarah Smith, at 542-6475.  
Donate quilted items, new or old – sale will benefit the Worthy Student Fund and M.O.M.S. Charities.

We are accepting quilted items such as quilts, place mats and more to be auctioned off, as well as quilted goods to display.  We will be there quilting, and yes, will answer questions. Come join us to quilt or sew. Donate something. Enjoy the display, visit, ask questions, participate in the auction. Loan us quilts to display, so everyone can enjoy the quilt grandma made or bring in the old quilts you have had for a long time.   We hope to have a great variety of styles, colors and themes. 

Army Vehicles

Are you a Veteran of our armed services? Or a fan of Military Vehicles? Then this show will provide a smile for your face when you see the assorted Military Veteran Vehicles on our Green. Jeep to Half Track and more, all there to be the back drop of our salute to the USO shows of the past with the 'Fondette's' who will do the Andrews sisters and other favorite girl singers songs from this era. If you have a Military Vehicle, please enter it on the entry form included on this web site. We have a space for you, and your wheeled veteran, in just off the front line condition, or restored driver!
In any case, come and salute the Veterans who served our country, wheeled or otherwise!

This is really hot!
Be sure to see the Hottest Vehicles on the show field green! Yes the Fire Engines are back including this year a 1928 Quad, an original Santa Rosa Fire Department Engine, that will be featured on the green, back in the public eye after years of storage. Others will be there, and I believe it will be our largest showing yet, of these wonderful wheeled heros of our spotlighted eras!