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Period Attire

"Fashions of the Era" Contest!


Obviously, to really set the tone for an era specific event, it's great if participants and gate guests do their best to dress in period attire. Now we want you there! If you are coming as you normally dress, Fine! Please come to the show, you will enjoy yourself immensely! If though, you are a bit adventurous, and have the ability or the opportunity to find some period specific attire, please wear it to the show. We are trying to make this a 'time tunnel trip" back to the first half of the last Century, and we build sets and have the vehicles and entertainment to help you 'get that!' But you can help that effort by dressing up in the attire of the past and have a blast, doing it. There are all sorts of vintage clothing stores and Good Will and Salvation Army stores that can make it easy, and affordable.

Take a look at some of these photos, shot at our show, and the Great San Francisco Art Deco Society's 'Gatsby Summer Afternoon' event at the Dunsmuir House in Oakland, shot last year!*

In fact take a look at old movies and how people dressed, maybe pick a favorite movie character! Gowns, or picknic dress, or Flapper dress like the 'It' Girl. Or a Chaplin Tramp, or Bogart as Sam Spade, or Rick from Casablanca. Maybe Buck Rogers, Roy Rodgers, or Ginger Rodgers! Top Hat, or Boater, or White Stetson. Opportunity is knockin' for your imagination to flourish at 'your' show.

We will be having a fashion contest on the dock at 'Mahogany Beach' during the show and you could be a contestant, and awarded unique prizes, and Best Dressed award of Brass in the Grass! Even if you don't care about the contest, come in the spirit of the day and be part of theis era specific design of this event!
 *These Art Deco Society people in San Francisco really know how to put on the Ritz, or a Picnic!
Check out their web site, and join them in preserving a wonderful stylish part of the American past.
Photo from Kelly Park event in San Jose:
Other examples of some attire of the period: