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factory furniture store
  • Furniture + 2 is the most recent EP released by American post-hardcore band Fugazi. It was recorded in January and February 2001, the same time that the band was recording their last album, The Argument, and released in October 2001 on 7" and on CD.
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factory furniture store - The Copper
The Copper Factory CF138 Solid Hammered Framed Rectangular Bathroom Mirror
The Copper Factory CF138 Solid Hammered Framed Rectangular Bathroom Mirror
The Decorative 100% solid copper framed Mirrors are hand hammered and finished by experienced craftsmen who take pride in their handiwork. This dedication to the personal attention and accountibility for each worker's efforts creates a unique product which cannot be matched in quality and value by automated mass production factories. Each Copper Factory product is handled and inspected by several experienced artisans who all have the authority to reject anything less than excellent quality, assuring only the Best product has The Copper Factory name. Durable and attractive finishes givethe products a rich and inviting appearance, which is suitable in traditional or contemporary designs. Hand crafted by experienced artisans Solid heavy 100% copper construction Attractive Hammered Texture adds depth to the finish High quality glass mirror Desirable rectangular design Complete set of matching accessories and fixtures available Easy to install with no special tools required One year warranty

84% (14)
Mason Mill and Box Factory
Mason Mill and Box Factory
Former Addison Kingsbury's Box and Printing Factory, a sign nearby reads: Addison Kingsbury’s Box & Printing Factory A Coventry native, Kingsbury lived for a while in New York. He returned to Coventry at age 21 to work for his Uncle, Nelson Kingsbury, as a bookkeeper in the Washington Mill. In 1864 Addison purchased this site, and over the next few years he established his box factory, starting in a small shed. He received a number of patents for box cutting and gluing machines. By 1880 he had built a two-story factory and installed a small water power system and employed twenty-seven hands. In 1882 he installed one of the first telephones in his office. In 1883 his son Arthur L. was taken into a partnership, the firm name becoming A. Kingsbury & Son. By 1888 the factory was substantially larger and most machinery was of their own patent. The mill employed thirty-five hands in Coventry and had four other shops in Connecticut and Massachusetts producing over 30,000 boxes a day. Young girls who walked home from school past his shop recall that Addison let them rummage through his scraps. The girls made toys and doll clothes from the left-over material. Addison built the fine mansion at the corner of Mason and Wall Streets. The brick structure on Mason Street was built as a garage for his luxurious automobile. By 1897 he was doing printing as well as box making. The shop had converted to steam power and heat. Addison died in 1914 and his sons, Louis and Arthur, took over the business. In 1915 the Kingsbury-Davis Machine Shop was also in business here. Horace Davis became a partner with the Kingsburys to make the machines for paper box-making. Some of these machines still appear at auctions of antique machinery, By 1924 electricity was introduced to the factory for power and lighting. The Kingsbury-Davis company went out of business in 1948. The site was sold to Louis and Albert Harvey who opened the “Old Mill Furniture Store” with an extensive selection of used furniture, antiques, household goods and tools. Their business was helped by the many employees of the National Silk Company next door. The store was successively owned by Sterling MacPherson and Barry Oguschewitz until 1979. The site was sold to the Eastmans, who continued to sell used furniture and architectural salvage items, until 1993. The building was sold and is now used for storage.
Mmmmm Bacon
Mmmmm Bacon
Just some of the little treasures to be found. Destroyed by fire; June 16th 2009. (Bath Street Mill, Derby - May 2009) Зенит 11, (Zenit 11), Helios 44M-4. Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400.

factory furniture store
factory furniture store
60 Spoon Rack Spoon Display Case Holder Cabinet, with glass door, WALNUT Finsh (SP02-WA)
A great way to proudly display your spoon collections. This 60 spoon display case is made from solid wood. Black matted (fine fabric) background to create a lovely display. Repeatedly sanded to achieve super fine smooth surface and elegant appearance.The cabinet has brass hinges and a brass latch to secure the door. There are wall brackets on the back for hanging. Glass door cover to protect from dust and damage. Dimensions: 29"H X 16"W X 1.75"D Weight (net): 9 lbs Distance between spoon insert rows: 1st Row: 2.75"H, all other rows: 5.25"H