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crazy deals furniture
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Big Huge Extra Large Japanese Art Print - 6 ft. Japanese Ladies Geisha Image Painting Canvas Room Divider Folding Screen
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Here's the Scoop
Here's the Scoop
But, I am not dead yet. Here is the short story: Around Christmas last year I became more and more fatigued with the added aggravation of aches and numbness between my shoulder blades in the afternoons, too much pain and fatigue to even look at Flickr photos. I had extreme difficultly turning over in bed. My knees and the area all the way around where my thighs meet my torso hurt when trying to sit on the floor or get up off the floor, a problem I have been dealing with for 12 years. I had shortness of breath when going up or down stairs and difficulty in picking up and carrying slightly heavy objects. In March my ability to think was worse and I was finding great pleasure in spending more and more time sleeping. Even though I was prefectly happy when I was up and about I decided I must be depressed and without a doctor's prescription started taking Prozac with interesting results. I knew that Prozac really doesn't work for me very well but I took it any way and my back ache and numbness went away after taking Prozac for four days and I could turn over in bed again.....Isn't that interesting????!!!!! Unfortunately the Prozac bad side effects became worse and worse out weighing the good side effects. During the time of worsing side effects I was dealing with crap dumped on me by the Cosmic Outhouse and the Cosmic Jester. I had begun to suspect that two children that visit us frequently were showing signs of having bed bug bites. I don't really know how I came to this conclusion. My only knowledge of bedbugs came from the story of a friend of my daughter's who had suffered through the bed bug ordeal. I told the children's mother of my suspensions, started an internet education for myself and OMG while tiding up for company I found a "bug" on my dust cloth. I had put the "bug" in a ziplock bag, taped it to the car hood and gleefully watched it die from heat exposure. I was pretty sure "the bug" was a bed bug. One of the sayings I live by is: "if something is too good to be true then it is." What are the odds of finding the only bed bug in three thousand square feet of clutter and then there is the basemnt. Panic began to brew in my subconscious. Jerry thought I was crazy but with my forceful insistence he helped me check all seven beds, every single seam on all sides and we found nothing. The children's mother said she couldn't find any evidence of bed bugs so with after telling my company that our house may have been exposed to bed bugs, they, too, thought I was crazy and came anyway. When three weeks later after spending the weekend here a different child turned up with strange bites on her back, the other children's mother said she was very very very sorry but they did indeed have bed bugs, my daughter's friend stopping by to see if she could identify "the bug" agreeing that it might be the evil bed bug, the brewing panic became full fledged hysteria. Remember I am suffering from fatigue etc. I sent Jerry with "the bug" to the Fayette County Extension Office for identification and took myself to my Physican's Assistant where I confessed my sin of self medicating, jokingly asked to be committed thus saving me from bedbugs, along with a plea of please give me an antidepressant that will work. My PA while scratching phantom bed bug bites gave me a prescription for Wellbutrin to keep me from gaining weight from the Prozac and for energy. Not yet hearing the results of the bug indentifcation I decide it is better to be safe than sorry and I start the process I have learned from my extensive internet searches of debugging the room the biten child slept in, the doll house room. I am taking all the doll house furniture putting it in ziplock bags and baking them in the at the lowest setting, putting all bedding in ziplock bags and large toys in heavy duty black plastic bags to bake in the sun. Since the extension office isn't calling me with their results I call them, the person I want is out to lunch and after several days of phone tag, continued toy baking the Extension office calls with the BAD news, it is no longer "the bug" but indeed a "bed bug" capable of reproduction. Jerry can no longer think I am crazy and over reacting. We call an Exterminator. While checking the first bed the Exterminator being blown away by my clutter says and preparing me for her estimate is saying,"This is going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. I tell her about our deep love of the children that exposed us and keep telling her and myself that these kids are worth it!!!! I help the exterminator in everyway I can finally she says, "I really really don't think you have bedbugs and I want you to know I work on commission." (what kind of conflict of interest is that?) She gave us a plan: 1. no company for one month 2. traps for the bed legs 3. Sleep only in the room with the leg traps and see if you catch
heart-smiley :)
heart-smiley :)
at school now. don't have my furniture yet though so my room is just full of random stuff all over the floor. i'm going to have to either crash on the couch or steal half of one of my roommate's beds. work training today was absolute chaos. i have to work two shifts this weekend, which is really inconvenient for me and everyone else, since my parents are coming saturday with my stuff. uuurgh. evin arrives tomorrow :) this is good. i purposely didn't schedule one of my weekend shifts for tomorrow night so i can see him. this weekend is just going to be silly with all the dumb work i have to do and the dining halls are going to be crazy and full of freshman who don't know how to order their food or whatever (i realize i was one of them, it's just stressful to deal with) so we'll see how THAT goes. about this photo--from the konica. traffic lights. sooc.

crazy deals furniture