The Poetry Site

It's amazing how many people write poetry.  
And once they've written it, they hide it away because it can't possibly be any good.  Can it?  Honestly!

Well, bollocks to all that and to hiding lights under bushels.   Some of the best poetry I've read is by amateurs while the modern day professionals turn out some of the most awful drivel without a rhyme in sight.   Not that blank verse is necessarily bad, but most of the posh stuff is, written by people who think that if you write a ream of bad prose and throw in arbitrary line breaks they have written a poem.   And if you ever wondered if there really is Poetry in Motion just read some of the rubbish written by our previous Poet Laureate and you'll find there definitely isn't.

I started this site because the Poetry page on Brassed Off Britannia is nowhere near adequate for the purpose.
If you're a bit shy, choose a pen-name, but please send in your work.

We will also include your favourite poems by published poets.

Please email your poems to Bob the Administrator and if you would like to include 
a few words about yourself  on your own master page that would be excellent.

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