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We are a small family kennel breeding Brazilian terrier, located in western Finland. Puppies are raised in home environment and are well socialized with children, people and other dogs. Our aim is to breed and show brazilian terriers of good health, conformation, temperament, good looks and lots of personality.

We have bloodlines from several brazilian kennels, read more from every dog´s own profile. We are very interested to co-operate more with foreign breeders in the future.

Kennel Jadewarrior´s has breeded two litters (C-litter in 2007, nine puppies and P-litter in 2008, one puppy), with very promising young dogs as ratters, show stars, in agility etc and most important - as members of the family!

One of our greatest moments so far: May 4th 2008 Kennel Jadewarrior´s was BIS 3 in Breeders class!



Please feel free to leave a message in our guest book or contact us anytime.


Contact info:

Jussi and Tuire Javanainen

Merstolantie 28 B



Phone: +358400 553 915


We are members in following organisations:

- The Finnish Kennel Club - SKL

- Brasilianterrieri - Fox Paulistinha Ry (finnish breed association)

- HPSH (local dog association)