Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
W.M. Keck Science Department
Claremont McKenna - Pitzer - Scripps Colleges
925 N. Mills Ave
Claremont, California 91711

bwilliams at

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My research works to understand mechanisms driving natural variability in chemical, biological, and physical oceanography, along with the response of the ocean to anthropogenic climate change.  I use geochemical and sclerochronological techniques to generate environmental reconstructions from marine proxy archives to address these issues. 


4/7/14 see press for the Water Scarcity and Solutions conference here: and video of the talks here: 

4/3/14 Our paper calibrating coralline algae Mg/Ca to sea surface temperatures will be published in the journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 

4/2/14 Congratulations to Sarah Barnes or her Scripps Environmental Research grant award. She will be measuring stable isotopes in proteinaceous corals from the southern Line Islands.

3/12/14 The Keck Science Dept and the CMC Athenaeum are hosting Dr. Ben Santer for seminars this week.

3/6/14 Congratulations to Jessica Ng on her Scripps Environmental Research grant award. She will be working to reduce the subannual dating uncertainty in reconstructions of temperature from coralline algae.

3/1/14 Branwen is presenting at the Water Scarcity and Solutions conference ( 

2/24/14 Ocean Science Meeting in Honolulu! Branwen is presenting at the Ocean Sciences meeting ( and co-chairing a session ( 

11/12/2013 Congratulations to Sasha Ponomareva for her presentation of thesis research at the Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting. You can see her discuss her research here: