Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
W.M. Keck Science Department
Claremont McKenna - Pitzer - Scripps Colleges
925 N. Mills Ave
Claremont, California 91711

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Please note that this site is continually under construction. 

My research works to understand mechanisms driving natural variability in chemical, biological, and physical oceanography, along with the response of the ocean to anthropogenic climate change.  I use geochemical and sclerochronological techniques to generate environmental reconstructions from marine proxy archives to address these issues. 


5/21/15 The cruise report for “Patterns in Deep-Sea Corals” Expedition: NOAA ship Bell M. Shimada SH-15-03 is available here: 

5/4/-5/6/15 Branwen attended the Proxy System Modeling workshop at USC's Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island. Thanks to Julien Emile-Geay ( for organizing.

4/11/15  Scripps College featured our research in a news story:

4/3/15 Our research in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuaries with Dr. Peter Etnoyer and MARE ( was featured in the LA Times. Click through for the full story:

4/1/15 Our chapter on Environmental Contaminants has been published here:  Thank you to Dr. Jessica Carilli ( for leading this review.  Please contact me via email if you would like a reprint.

3/23/15 Devyn Parks is blogging about her time on the R/V Bell Shimada here: Lab Blog

3/12/15 Branwen and Devyn Parks are headed out to sea with NOAA on the R/V Shimada in the Channel Islands. 

2/17/2015 We are very excited to invite Dr. Elke Weber into EA30L: Science and the Environment to discuss risk and the perception of global warming.

1/27/2015 Honoured to be included in The Oceanography Society issue Women in Oceanography: A Decade Later (

12/15/2014 It's AGU week.  Come see our session High-Resolution Archives of Marine Biogeochemistry, Climate, and Environmental Change on 12/19, talks in the morning and posters in the afternoon. 

12/11/2014 Please see our new white paper for documenting marine annually-resolved proxy archives:  Feedback is welcome!

10/7/14 Branwen gave the Whole Earth Seminar at UCSC. Thank you to Adina Paytan for hosting!

10/2/14 Congratulations to Tricia Light and Sarah Barnes on their Scripps Environmental Analysis awards.

9/22-10/21/14 Branwen is in Santa Cruz with a visiting position at USGS/UCSC.  

9/24/14 A year delayed, but we are finally updating the members in our lab. Please see the people tab for current lab members and some of the alumni.

6/6/14 Branwen is presenting on Mg/Ca in coralline algae at the Goldschmidt conference on June 10th in the session Biogeochemistry of Biological Systems ( 

5/16/14 Williams Lab group: (top L to bottom right) Sarah Barnes, Jessica Ng, Andrew Walnum, Hannah Tannenbaum, Ellie Smith, Evelyn Byer, Tricia Light, Sasha Ponomareva, Tiffany Ortamond, Branwen Williams (and kids).

4/7/14 see press for the Water Scarcity and Solutions conference here: and video of the talks here: 

4/3/14 Our paper calibrating coralline algae Mg/Ca to sea surface temperatures will be published in the journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (

3/12/14 The Keck Science Dept and the CMC Athenaeum are hosting Dr. Ben Santer for seminars this week.

3/6/14 Congratulations to Jessica Ng on her Scripps Environmental Research grant award. She will be working to reduce the subannual dating uncertainty in reconstructions of temperature from coralline algae.

2/24/14 Ocean Science Meeting in Honolulu! Branwen is presenting at the Ocean Sciences meeting ( and co-chairing a session ( 

11/12/2013 Congratulations to Sasha Ponomareva for her presentation of thesis research at the Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting. You can see her discuss her research here: