Buy pool heater : Electric plinth heaters.

Buy Pool Heater

buy pool heater
    pool heater
  • An affordable way to heat your pool.
  • Heater designed to heat water in a residential swimming pool (Aero Series).
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B is for Blackout (41/365)
B is for Blackout (41/365)
This year's been full of pathetic security lapses. The terrorists have blown up the gas pipelines a couple of times and this week it came down to both energy sources Gas AND ELECTRICITY. I feel so THIRD WORLD right now Frequent blackouts the electric heaters we bought can no longer be used due to the lack of electricity. I don't blame the terrorists to be honest. If they didn't do so why'd they be called terrorists in the first place? At least someone's doing their job right (0= The problem is with the law enforcement agencies. The shit loads of foreign aid goes to feed them, clothe them and to drive around in blingedy bling cars. My tax money goes into that pool too. Yet what do we get? Violence? Necessities getting RARE? I hear a squad car hooting somewhere in the vicinity probably some pathetic loser being driven by a band of low paid drivers and security personnel. Last night a friend/acquaintance was murdered in cold blood along with his brother as they were closing their stationery store. Several dozen people are murdered daily. This is the first time EVER that I've been so concerned about the state of the affairs of my country. I feel so THIRD WORLD!~ P.S My friends picked me up after work. It's been raining since the past week. Imagine subzero temperatures BAH!~ We drove around the dark city Friendship keeps us warm Laughter keeps us alive Had burgers and fries at a restaurant........
The $800 Christmas Swim
The $800 Christmas Swim
Back in the day (2000 to be exact), Richard and I both worked for BEA Systems which had acquired WebLogic. This was in the era before the bubble burst. Richard bought this huge gorgeous home with a big back yard and a swimming pool. For Christmas he cranked up the heater and we went over on Christmas evening and went for a swim. The heating bill alone for this one day was $800. Good times, but something we never did again. :)

buy pool heater
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