I'm a research scientist in CSIRO's Autonomous Systems Program in Brisbane, Australia. CSIRO is Australia's leading scientific research organization that operates across more than 50 sites in Australia. Autonomous systems program has a diverse group of researchers and engineers that investigate new technology in wireless sensor networks and field robotics, including autonomous land, sea, and air vehicles. I'm also an adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Queensland.

I value and promote research collaborations and advocate open access to scientific results, source code, and publications. Please, contact me to get access to my publications or to inquire about collaboration opportunities. Our lab often provides opportunities for short term internships and long-term PhD programs to both Australian and International students interested in wireless sensor networks. Have a look at my research interests and our current projects and contact me for more information.

    Vikram Kumar (PhD, UQ, 2014-)    
    Ahmad El Shoghri (Masters, UQ, 2014-)
    Mahzad Kaviani (Masters, QUT, 2013-)
    Ida Purnama (PhD, UQ, 2013-)    
    Dina Ahmad (PhD, UQ, 2013-)
    Kai Li (PhD, UNSW, 2012-2014)
    Sean Purdon (intern, Honors, UQ, 2012-2013)
    Daniel Nichols (Honors, UQ, 2011-12)
    Aaron Burrows (Honors, UQ, 2011-12)
    Morten Tranberg (intern, 2010-11)
    Thibaud Rohmer (intern, 2010)

  • SenSys Publicity Chair ('14)
  • SECON TPC ('12,'13,'14)
  • EWSN TPC ('13,'14,'15)
  • SenSys TPC ('12)
  • ICDCS TPC ('10)
  • IPSN TPC ('09)
    • Invited lecture at NYU Buffalo, USA (Nov'12) 
    • Invited lecture at KAIST, South Korea (Jun'12)
    • Distinguished visitor lecture at SICS (Apr'12)
    • Invited lecture at TU Delft (Apr'12)
    • Guest lecture at ETH (Apr'11)
    • Invited lecture at ETH (Apr'11)
    • Invited lecture at QUT, Brisbane (Dec'10)