Production Version Camaros - SLP RS

A V6 Camaro treated to some great appearance and performance options by SLP

Major thanks to Vance Chula for providing pictures and information.

[Items in brackets are items I need help with or proof of]

The 2001 to 2002 Camaro RS actually has a surprising amount of mystery to it for most enthusiasts!

The first appearance of the RS package on a 4th gen Camaro was in 1996. It was only available on a V6 Camaro, and essentially consisted of a ground effects kit with spoiler add-on and three exterior RS badges. (The rest of the changes will be discussed in the '96-'97 Camaro RS section... not here). The Camaro RS continued to be available in 1997, with no changes to the overall package. There have been arguments in the past over what RPO code denotes a '96 or '97 RS from a base model Camaro. At this point, I don't know--I believe you have to look at a combination of RPO codes to tell. There is no known RPO code denoting an RS coupe or RS convertible as different from a regular base coupe or convertible. Y86 has often been brought up, but only applies to 3rd Generation Camaros. More on this issue will be on the '96-'97 RS page... along with the solution, once found!

From 1998 to 2000, there was not an RS model offered. If you see RS emblems on a '98-'00 Camaro, they were added by the owner. For 1998, GM decided to offer ground effects as a stand alone option for both base model Camaros and Z28s. This was known as the Y3F Sport Appearance Package, and it was used from 1998 to 2002 to give Camaros and Z28s ground effects and spoiler add-ons. It was not available on SS for any year.

But what about the 2001 to 2002 Camaro RS?  SLP was solely responsible for them. They were quite limited in production, with only 398 being made in 2001 and 443 in 2002. The SLP RS could not be ordered with RPO Y87 (Performance Handling Package and limited slip differential) which was normally an option for V6 Camaros allowing them to have the Z28's improved steering and limited slip differential [need verification of this]. The RS was also not available with the Y3F Sport Appearance Package, so it could not be had with ground effects [need verification of this]. There is an unconfirmed rumor of one 2002 SLP RS having Y3F [need verification of this]. In California and Florida, 5-Speed manual cars were not available [need verification of this].

The 2001-2002 RS package is identified by the RPO code Y3B, started at $849, and consisted of...

- The same dual exhaust and muffler* as what came standard on the Z28; raising horsepower by five to a total of 205 hp.

- No additional engine enhancements despite other sites claiming them.

- Black or silver heritage stripes on the hood, roof, and rear spoiler.

Hardtop cars received roof stripes

T-top cars received T-top stripes

Convertibles received only hood, front bumper, and spoiler stripes

- SLP front grill replacement in gloss black with a red bowtie in the center.

- Three exterior RS badges; one on the rear, one on each side.

 - One interior RS badge which was optional to install, (SLP did not install this, they left the plastic "Camaro" one for 2001, and the plastic "35th Anniversary Camaro" one for 2002). It was up to the owner to install this if those chose to do so. 

Additional SLP options that could be had with an SLP RS were...

 - 16" x 8" ZR-1 style wheels ($699) (silver painted or chrome Z28 wheels were standard on SLP RS--see pictures far down the page)

 - "Rally Sport Suspension Package" -- Z28 suspension pieces* ($299) (front and rear stabilizer "sway" bars and end links)

 * = These parts were likely parts GM or SLP would remove from Z28s and SSes shipped to SLP for additional SLP content. This has not been verified, but it's likely they made good use of performance parts removed from Z28s and SSes that would have otherwise ended up in a scrap heap.

All SLP RSes would have a sticker similar to this one on their driver's side door, stating most importantly, the month and year your car was modified by SLP.

SLP RSes with additional options did NOT receive RPO code Y2Y, which is a code denoting an SLP options sticker (often referred to as a "2nd options sticker") on the passenger door for SS Camaros. Cars with the optional wheels or suspension did in fact receive a 2nd content sticker, which is located on the passenger door. In typical SLP fashion, the descriptions are very vague. The second sticker was encompassed as just being a part of the Y3B code, and there is not a separate code defining the appearance of this sticker.

The SLP RS package could be applied to ANY V6 Camaro coupe or convertible, but the color of stripe was limited to certain colors. 

For 2001, the colors were:

Available with black stripes:

-Bright Rally Red
-Arctic White
-Light Pewter
-Sunset Orange
-Monterey Maroon
-Sebring Silver
-Mystic Teal

Available with silver stripes:

-Bright Rally Red
-Arctic White
-Onyx Black
-Navy Blue
-Monterey Maroon
-Mystic Teal

For 2002, the colors were exactly the same, but Mystic Teal was not available for ANY 2002 Camaro (discontinued):

Available with black stripes:

-Bright Rally Red
-Arctic White
-Light Pewter
-Sunset Orange
-Monterey Maroon
-Sebring Silver

Available with silver stripes:

-Bright Rally Red
-Arctic White
-Onyx Black
-Navy Blue
-Monterey Maroon

All in all, the 2001-2002 RSes are very rare, and may one day be very desirable. They look great, and with the right set of options, would handle the road nearly as nicely as a Z28. They came standard with the same 5-speed manual as the base Camaro, and were available with an automatic 4-speed transmission (same as base model).


-231 cubic inch L36 V6 engine (same as base model Camaro)
-205 hp (5 more than base Camaro thanks to Z28 cat-back exhaust)
-225 lb ft of torque

Specs from Car & Driver:

-Zero to 60 in 7.5 seconds
-Zero to 100 in 22.5 seconds
-Street start, 5-60 mph in 7.8 seconds
-Standing 1/4-mile in 15.8 sec @ 86 mph
-Braking, 70-0 mph: 178 ft
-Roadholding, 300-ft-diameter skidpad (without Rally Sport Suspension Package) 0.81 g
-EPA city driving: 19 mpg
-C/D-observed fuel economy: 25 mpg

RPO Codes that identify SLP RS:



Examples of SLP RSes:

VChula (from's 2002 Sebring Silver RS when brand new:

Special thanks to VChula. His car is the one used for most of the features/options shown above, and he provided information I did not know.

2001 RS, 92,000 miles, in navy blue with silver stripes:

2001 RS, 36,000 miles, in light pewter with black stripes:

2002 RS, 21,000 miles, in onyx black with silver stripes and chrome factory wheels:

2002 RS, unknown mileage, in onyx black with silver stripes

2002 RS, 34,000 miles, onyx black w/ silver stripes and the optional wheels. Owned by Joel Nelson

2001 or 2002 RS, unknown mileage, in bright rally red with black stripes

2001 RS, unknown mileage, in arctic white with black stripes

Production Numbers

Total 2001 Production

398 Total Produced
268 coupes had T-Tops (50 manual, 218 automatic)
124 coupes had hardtops (37 manual, 87 automatic)
6 convertibles (0 manual, 6 automatic)

Total 2002 Production

443 Total Produced
334 coupes had T-Tops (56 manual, 278 automatic)
95 coupes had hardtops (19 manual, 76 automatic)
14 convertibles (0 manual, 14 automatic)

Total 2001 Production By Paint Color

45 - Arctic White
51 - Light Pewter
52 - Navy Blue
91 - Onyx Black
18 - Monterey Maroon (8 manual, 10 automatic, 11 t-tops, 7 hardtops)
37 - Sunset Orange
9 - Mystic Teal (4 manual, 5 automatic, 6 t-tops, 3 hardtops)
95 - Bright Rally Red

Total 2002 Production By Paint Color

35 - Arctic White
32 - Light Pewter
54 - Sebring Silver
72 - Navy Blue
95 - Onyx Black
0 - Monterey Maroon
25 - Sunset Orange
130 - Bright Rally Red

The convertibles are rare, let's break them down further...

2001 Convertibles, total of 6, all automatics

3 - Arctic White
1 - Onyx Black
2 - Bright Rally Red

2002 Convertibles, total of 14, all automatics

1 - Arctic White
4 - Sebring Silver
1 - Navy Blue
2 - Onyx Black
6 - Bright Rally Red

Total Production Rarity

9 - Mystic Teal
18 - Monterey Maroon
(20 - convertibles of any color)
54 - Sebring Silver
62 - Sunset Orange
80 - Arctic White
83 - Light Pewter
124 - Navy Blue
186 - Onyx Black
225 - Bright Rally Red