Production Related Info - Paint Color Prod. #s

Although I have spent time trying to ensure accuracy, these numbers may contain unknown errors.

4th gen Camaro Production (as far as colors go) listed from rarest to most common. These numbers could be slightly off due to fleet sales, cars that were converted after leaving the factory, etc. There were B4C (Police) Camaros and other special condition Camaros that disrupt the accuracy of the production numbers, but these are as accurate as I have been able to come up with.
Format is as such:

official Chevy Camaro color name (Pontiac sometimes used different names)
years available
paint code
total production in this color from 1993 to 2002
special notes (if any)

I've included as many gorgeous photos as possible to aid in color identification as many of the metallic colors change hue massively depending on lighting.

Black/arctic white

Pace Car Z28, Replica #281, 8000 miles

93 Pace Car Z28, unknown mileage
code 01/01 (which is technically just 41 (black), 10 (arctic white))
633 to 653 total
Indy Pace Car Replica, all were Z28

Bright blue metallic (Firebird color name: Medium blue metallic)

99 3.8L V6, unknown mileage

99 3.8L V6, around 20,000 miles. This is the car my mom was going to buy for me as my first car in 2002. I was 16, and said I didn't want a V6. Stupid me. I ended up sharing my sister's Z28 until I got a Corolla 3 or 4 years later for my first car of my own... 

99 Z28 with Y3F Sport Appearance Package, unknown mileage

99 V6, unknown mileage

99 Z28, unknown mileage, photo taken by "ted and julie" from Flickr

99 Z28, 15,000 miles, photo taken by "wolfgang-jaque" from eBay

code 20
Rarest single 4th gen color independent of body style, no SSes made in this color. The same color as Nassau blue metallic used from 1998-2000 on Corvettes.

Bright purple metallic

97 RS, unknown mileage 

97 3.8L V6, unknown mileage

97 Z28, 33,000 miles, photo by Thunder

98 Z28, unknown mileage, photo by niknik

98 Z28, unknown mileage, photo by niknik

code 88
Rarest color dependent on body style ('97 was the old body style, '98 the new). 883 made in '97 and 481 made in '98. Approximately 104 (or fewer) '98s in this color were Z28s, no SSes for either year.

Hugger orange

99 SS, 12000 miles 

99 SS, 15000 miles 

99 Z28, 25000 miles

99 SS, 39,000 miles

code 99
Only 1 was made in '00 and it was supposedly a convertible, I don't know the story behind it...

Sport gold metallic

98 SS, unknown mileage

98 3.8L V6, unknown mileage

98 3.8L V6, unknown mileage, Y3F package

code 63
Only 5 were made in '99. These 5 were made because of a Days Inn contest in 1998 that advertised they were giving away 5 gold Camaros. The contract said they had to be gold, so GM made them gold. Supposedly 2 were given away in the contest; the other 3 were sold at auction. I have yet to see any of them go up for sale. One of them was rumored to have been totaled, but I don't know how much truth there is to that.

Sunset orange metallic

02 SS, lbls1 from 

02 SS, lbls1 from

02 SS, lbls1 from

02 SS, lbls1 from

02 SS, lbls1 from

02 Z28, 15,000 miles

01 SS, unknown mileage

code 71
This was a 2001-2002 color, but 13 2000 Camaros were painted in this color towards the end of 2000 production.

Bright rally red/silver stripes

02 SS, unknown mileage

02 SS, 16,000 miles

02 SS, Camaro6662 from

no special paint code; paint is code 81 Bright Rally Red
35th anniversary edition, all SS, all began as 2002 Bright Rally Red Camaro Z28s, so (perhaps) subtract 3,369 from the Bright Rally Red total below.

Arctic white/hugger orange stripes

97 SS, unknown mileage

97 Z28, 13000 miles

no special paint code; paint is code 10 Arctic White
30th anniversary edition, all Z28 and SS, all began as 1997 Arctic White Camaro Z28s, so (perhaps) subtract 4,534 from the Arctic White total below.

Bright green metallic

97 Z28, unknown mileage 

97 Z28, Michael Kumar

97 Z28, unknown mileage 

98 3.8L V6, 63000 miles

98 Z28, 94,000 miles

98 Z28, unknown mileage

98 V6, 118,000 miles

code 31
This is an overall very rare color dependent on body style with nearly half being '97s and the other half being '98s and 99s.

Cayenne red metallic (Firebird color name: Red orange metallic)

96 Z28, 44,000 miles, 96Z28Camaro4 from

96 Z28, 5,800 miles 

97 Z28, 5,790 miles

97 Z28, 7,000 miles 

98 Z28, 949 miles

code 96
Only 1,914 were made in 1998 making it rare to see this color on a late-4th gen. The paint tends to appear as a shade of red-orange, however it can appear more red as shown above. This color is more orange than Medium Patriot Red Metallic and Monterey Maroon Metallic, and more red than Sunset Orange Metallic.

Monterey maroon metallic (Firebird color name: Maple red metallic)

02 Z28, unknown mileage 

02 Z28, 20 miles, I took this picture in October 2001

00 V6, 26,000 miles 

00 V6, 48,000 miles

00 Z28, 10,500 miles

00 Z28, 55,000 miles

code 44
This was a 2000-2002 paint color, but 45 1999 Camaros were painted this color towards the end of the 2000 production year. This color appears dark red in certain light, and dark purplish red in other light.

Dark green-gray metallic

93 Z28, 54 miles

93 Z28, Z28pr0jekt from 

93 Z28, Bowtieman from

94 V6, unknown mileage

94 Z28, unknown mileage, photo by dljs94

code 18
This color plays tricks on your mind when you see it; it's hard to determine what color it is. It's almost gunmetal color looking in the right light. It's really pretty when it is clean.

Dark purple metallic (Firebird color name: Medium dark purple metallic)

95 Z28, 16000 miles

95 Z28, 126,000 miles 

95 Z28, 50,000 miles 

96 Z28, 24,000 miles

96 Z28, 72,000 miles 

96 V6, 72,000 miles

code 5
Appears reddish-purple in most lighting conditions. Color is often referred to as Cyclamen Metallic, but that is not the true Camaro paint name. It's possibly the Firebird paint name. Can be confused with medium patriot red in lighting conditions where it appears particularly reddish.

Purple pearl metallic

93 Z28, 33,000 miles, photo by smotors

93 B4C, 11,500 miles, P81 on

93 V6, 106,000 miles 

93 Z28, 53,000 miles

94 Z28, unknown mileage

94 Z28, 22000 miles

code 91
Looks charcoal colored when dirty or on an overcast day.

Mystic teal metallic (Firebird color name: Blue green chameleon metallic)

95 Z28, 12,000 miles

95 Z28, 14,768 miles

95 Z28, Green95z from

97 Z28, 25,000 miles

97 Z28, 30,000 miles 

98 Z28, unknown mileage

99 Z28, 39,000 miles 

01 V6, unknown mileage

01 B4C, unknown mileage

code 79
Often called chameleon by owners. It changes from dark green to almost royal blue, with small amounts of purple. The way to distinguish it from Bright Teal Metallic is that it is much darker overall, and when in bright sunlight, looks more green than blue.

Medium quasar blue metallic (Firebird color name: Bright blue metallic)

94 Z28, unknown mileage 

95 Z28, unknown mileage

95 3.8L V6, unknown mileage

96 Z28, 25000 miles

code 80
All GM records show this color being available in 1993, but with a production number of zero. The listing of this color being available for 1993 is an error. Zero 1993s were made in this color. In bright light, it is difficult (in pictures) to distinguish this color from bright teal metallic. Be careful if buying a car online and you're wanting this color. It never appears green, but sure looks a lot like bright teal in direct sunlight.

Navy blue metallic

01 SS, 29000 miles

02 SS, 3400 miles 

02 SS, 12000 miles

02 SS, 25,000 miles

02 Z28, 27,000 miles

code 28
This color appears black at night and has purple tones to it in the highlights in some lighting.

Medium patriot red metallic

94 Z28, 17000 miles

94 Z28, unknown mileage 

95 Z28, 18000 miles

95 Z28, 12,000 miles

95 Z28, 72,000 miles

95 Z28, 35123 miles 

95 3.4L V6, unknown mileage

code 71
This color was replaced by Cayenne Red Metallic for the 1996 model year. It is a much duller and darker red than cayenne red.

Bright teal metallic (Firebird color name: Dark aqua metallic)

94 Z28, 8600 miles

94 Z28, unknown mileage 

95 3.4L V6, unknown mileage

95 3.4L V6, Conflict from 

96 SS, unknown mileage

96 SS, unknown mileage

code 37
This color is sometimes referred to as chameleon because it changes from a bright blue to a bright green. The way to distinguish it from mystic teal is that it is a MUCH brighter color. It can actually be confused for medium quasar blue in photos very easily. In person, it is easy to tell it apart-it always has a green tint. It is easily the hardest to identify color in photos as it is by far the most color-changing color GM used on 4th gen Camaros.

Light pewter metallic (Firebird color name: Pewter metallic)

99 SS, 8000 miles 

01 Z28 with Y3F, 22,000 miles 

02 Z28, 647 miles

02 SS, 26,000 miles

code 11
This is a 1999-2002 color, but 63 1998 Camaros were made in it towards the end of 1998 production. It's a warmer colored silver than Sebring Silver, so it looks a bit gold.

Sebring silver metallic (Firebird color name (sometimes): Bright silver metallic)

95 Z28, unknown mileage

95 Z28, about 25,000 miles at this point in 2000, this is my sister's car, and it's up to 86,000 now and still with us. It was my mom's, sister's and my only car until 2001 when my mom bought her 35th Anniversary SS. Lot of hard times, and the car is very sentimental to us. We've had it since June 1996.

Here it has about 80,000 miles. I haven't taken a better pic of it than this.

96 RS, unknown mileage 

97 Z28, unknown mileage

02 SS, owned by Paperer of Camaro5 forums 

02 SS convertible, 10600 miles

1995-2000, 2002
code 13
This color was not available for the 2001 model year. Not sure why... but it wasn't. It's a cooler colored silver than Light Pewter, so it looks a bit bluish.

Polo green metallic (Firebird color name: Dark green metallic)

95 Z28, 14000 miles

95 Z28, 15,700 miles

96 SS, unknown mileage

97 Z28, 9000 miles

code 48
Nothing real special to say about this color other than the fact that this color was really popular. So popular, in fact, that more Camaros came in this color in 1994 than in Arctic White.

Arctic white

96 RS, 39000 miles

96 RS convertible, owned by fbodyrs96 of LS1tech

96 Z28, 35000 miles

97 Z28 convertible, 46000 miles

01 Z28, 2000 miles

01 SS, unknown mileage

code 10
Not much to say here, it's white and been around since the very beginning!

Bright red

94 Z28, unknown mileage

94 Z28, 8,900 miles

95 1LE Z28, 39 miles

96 Z28, 9000 miles

97 Z28, 3691 miles

02 SS, 1300 miles 
code 81
This color was renamed bright rally red in 2000, but retains the same paint code as the earlier cars.


95 1LE Z28, 44 miles

96 SS, 775 miles

96 Z28, 6,900 miles

97 V6, unknown mileage

02 SS, 16 miles
code 41
This color was renamed Onyx Black in 2000, but retains the same paint code. There are more black 4th gen Camaros than any other color.

Random info:

Paint Codes available on Pontiac Firebirds but not Chevy Camaros

The only color available on Firebirds that was NOT available on Camaros was yellow.

Sunfire Yellow

93 Trans Am, 20k miles, photo by Brian Meissen

93 Trans Am, 20k miles, photo by Nathan Nighbert

94 Firehawk, unknown mileage

1993-1994, 2002
code 54
715 for '93-'94, 1723 for '02
This color was available on '93-'94 Firebirds in V6 and V8 coupe form. No convertibles came in this color in 1994 (there weren't any convertibles in ANY color in 1993, so none that year either). 261 in 1993 and 454 in 1994. 16 of the 454 in 1994 were Firehawks (which, by the way, is RPO code "R6V" for the '93-'97 Firehawks despite what most websites say). There were no yellow Firehawks in 1993.

02 Collector's Edition Trans Am, 44k

02 Collector's Edition Trans Am, unknown mileage

For 2002, Pontiac brought back Sunfire Yellow on the Collector's Edition Trans Am. All cars had V8 engines. 1,066 were coupes. 657 were convertibles. None were "WU6" Firehawks.

Special Service Package (RPO code B4C)

The B4C package, nicknamed Built-4-Cops, was a special package intended only for police officers. I will devote a special page one day with further information about this unique package, but for now, here are the general production numbers:


Special Performance Components Package (RPO code 1LE)

The 1LE package was a special ordering package created by GM to allow buyers to buy very low optioned (lightweight) Camaro Z28s (and later SSes) with special suspensions and components suited for racing. This package disappeared after 1999, but SLP offered many of the components as add-ons they would install. From 2000-2002, 1LE referred only to suspension components from SLP, and was NOT a factory RPO code. I will devote a special page one day with further information about this unique package, but for now, here are the general production numbers:


Super Sport Package (SS)

The SS package is a very well known package offered on Camaro Z28s from 1996 to 2002, so I will leave a decent description for when I am ready to do the page about it. For now, here are the general production numbers: