Famous Camaro Show Cars - Hendrick SS 'vert

The car that "didn't" exist, or so I thought. Owned by John Reidy

I’m not quite prepared at this time to do an overview of the Hendrick Motorsports SSes, but when John emailed me out of nowhere with questions and information about his car, I just had to write this article.

From what facts I know (which are few at this point) Hendrick Motorsports (of NASCAR fame) created special edition Camaro SSes in 1997 only. I don't have official records, so I won't claim these as accurate, but they are rumored to have produced 61 SS coupes plus 9 SS coupes with LT4 engines. Other rumors suggest 100 were made total. There are many other Hendrick things to discuss, but I'll discuss them when I do the write-up focused on them as a whole; let's focus on this car. 

This car was originally delivered to City Chevrolet in Charlotte, NC and ended up at the Cary Auto Mall in Cary, NC as a new car. It began its life as a "corporate vehicle" at this dealership and was eventually sold to its first owner on July 15, 1998 with 6,525 miles. According to John, its "corporate vehicle" registration has two different rumors surrounding it. The first rumor is that the car sat in the service department under a car cover waiting for Rick Hendrick to pick it up, and he never did. The second rumor is that the General Manager at the Cary Auto Mall used it as his demo. John hasn't been able to find this general manager yet to confirm or deny this, as he's changed jobs since then.

John has had a conversation with Mark Hendrix of the Hendrick Group, and was told that Mark thought there were two Hendrick Motorsports SS convertibles made--one automatic and one manual.

John's car is bone stock, except for the gas, tires, and oil, so for it to be a clone, someone would have had to have done it a long time ago. Everything seems to have aged and weathered together on this car.

John and I are both looking for more information on this car, and the Hendrick Camaro program(s). Do you have any information to share? Please email me if so.

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