About Me

Who am I?


My name is Brandon Brown, and I am simply a Camaro enthusiast with an attraction/interest in knowing facts. This is my hobby and one of my greatest passions.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Advertising-Creative from Southern Methodist University in 2006. Professionally, I am an art director/graphic designer for my own graphic design company named the Brangeta Design Group (http://www.brangeta.com).

With regard to Camaros, my family bought its first Camaro in 1995. It was a 1995 Camaro Z28 that is currently owned by my sister. My mother owns a 2002 35th Anniversary Edition Camaro SS that she purchased new. I currently drive one of my other dream cars, a 2006 Grand Prix GXP, and am looking for my perfect Camaro to only drive occasionally.

I am wanting something like these Photoshop mockups I have created... I am looking for a 100% factory original 1997 Bright Purple Metallic Z28 hardtop, super low mileage, perfect paint and bodywork, and ideally an automatic transmission so I can just cruise and enjoy myself. Depending on the condition and mileage of the car, I may do absolutely nothing to it. However, my plans include upgraded front brakes, larger wheels and tires, lowered ride height with better springs and shocks, a few chassis/suspension bolt on changes to correct the position of everything (from lowering the car--I don't like it when people half-ass cars), and zero engine modifications (ignore the aftermarket exhaust in the photos below). I want the car to sound like the car it was intended to sound like! GM spent a lot of money paying their engineers to make the car sound like it sounds, and I see no reason to pretend I know better.

The interior leather will be an upscale and custom design by me in a raspberry color and I will save the original seat covers. The actual shade is highly dependent on whether the Z28 I end up with was originally optioned with Dark Gray or Medium Gray interior, as I refuse to change the plastic to some out of another Camaro that may not be as low mileage and mint as my car. Carpet will likely be changed to an aftermarket ultra luxe Agate colored carpet to better match the bluish purple hue of the interior plastics. The GM carpet usually had a yellow tint to it, that doesn't photograph well. The unfinished Illustrator rendering is below. Ignore the beige leather as the seats will be 100% raspberry, and also ignore the fact that this does not have a '97 steering wheel, and is a convertible--it was just the best interior picture I could find. I love complimentary colors and contrast, and to me, this pinkish color will look really great with the exterior paint as well as the gray plastics and etc.

One must-have modification will be switching the interior mirror out with a Gentex GENK30 mirror. This mirror is auto-dimming and has a compass, map lights, and the outside temperature. It's actually the same mirror, or similar, as those found in the GMMG Camaros. I get so lost without a compass... that I really have to have one of these.

If you happen to own a very low mileage (less than 35,000 miles) '97 Camaro Z28 coupe in Bright Purple Metallic, be sure to email me at brangeta (at) gmail (dot) com.

My second Camaro dream car has no exact plans at this time. My ideal situation in my head involves owning a daily driver (GXP), a strictly museum/show quality car that never sees bad weather, a gravel road, an interstate, road course, or abuse ('97 BPM Z28), and a rare car for fun and driving (Callaway SuperNatural Camaro Z28). Not many Callaways were made, so I cannot be too picky about the color (except I don't want bright red), transmission, or options. All I will say is that it will be a '94-'96 Callaway, as I want to own a Camaro with the more "jet-fighter" style cockpit (without '93's yellow and gray switches) as well as the "upscale" '97-'02 style that will be in my BPM Z28.

Not sure if I'll go for one with the CamAerobody or not. I would probably prefer one without it just because I don't want to be tempted to treat it with extreme care like owning another show car. It's very difficult to identify and locate the cars with solely engine and performance modifications, but perhaps I will get lucky. The ones with the aerobody typically have much, much higher asking prices.

If you have anything you think should be on this website, have found something you believe to be an error, or have anything you'd like to provide, please email me at brangeta (at) gmail (dot) com.