2019 Rates


To help recover some of the fees associated with PayPal, $10 has been added to the membership rates below. Payments made in cash or check may deduct this fee.

If you were quoted a pro-rated or other special amount, please use the "Buy Now" link under Swim Team or Other Payments below. Enter the amount you are paying in the Quantity field and click Update. You may pay for both membership and swim team at the same time by using this button.

 Punch Passes 

Swim Team or Other Payments

Since Swim Team payments vary according to number of children and items purchased, please calculate the amount you owe. Click on the "Buy Now" link below, enter the amount in the Quantity field and click Update. NOTE: If you are combining Membership and Swim Team, please add $10 for the membership PayPal fee.

Swim Team
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