Guest Policy, 2016

  1. Guests are admitted free.

  2. A Guest Registration Form must be completed for all guests by an adult pool member.

  3. Residents of Olde Forge/Surrey Square are not permitted as guests unless they belong to another neighborhood pool. Exceptions permitted during times when the pool is open to all (e.g., an Open House) or when invited to a special party. (Note: Punch Pass memberships are available for purchase from the pool manager or this website for those who would like to use the pool on a limited basis.)

  4. Other guests who live in the DC metro area and who do not belong to another pool are limited to a maximum of six (6) visits per season.

  5. Out-of-town guests and vertical family (e.g., grandparents, grandchildren) do not have a visit limitation. Vertical family and nannies/day-care providers may be added to the member's file to avoid the necessity of completing the Guest Registration Form.

  6. For insurance purposes, guests must be registered each time they visit the pool. Forms are available at the member sign-in table or they may be downloaded by clicking the link below.

  7. To avoid possible under-staffing, members bringing a group of more than 10 guests (e.g., birthday, soccer parties) must arrange in advance for a date and time. Booking such arrangements is first come/first served. Unless they are exceptionally large, group parties are not guaranteed exclusive use of any area and may have to share the facilities with other parties. Please see Party Reservations for booking information.

  8. Any one caught evading the guest policy or signing in under another name will be expelled for the day. Violating the rest of the guest policies may result in the loss of your free guest privileges.

    Guest Registration Form

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