We all know that the day after Thanksgiving otherwise known as Black Friday, or even the monday after known as Cyber Monday, have become two of the most popular days of the year. These are the days that retailers across the country offer unheard of sales that drive millions of shoppers to all of the major department stores. Without a doubt, there are some really amazing deals that take place on this day. You can find practically anything you want at a reasonably good price. Black Friday is the one day when you as a consumer feel like you have some kind of control. And for those of you who enjoy shopping on - line; Cyber Monday, depending on which stores participate, have outrageous sales as well.

 People literally sleep outside of retail stores on Black Friday just to be one of the first ones inside when that store opens up ( usually very early ). Customers are so excited about this highly anticipated day, it sometimes causes normally accidental altercations between people trying to get the first or the last ipod or xbox. Yes indeed, Black Friday can get dishy delicate; but still, millions head out on that spacial Friday to try to take advantage of the great deals. To many customers, the risk element of Black Friday is well worth it.

 The gloomy thing for consumers is that Black Friday is only one day, depending on the department store, sometimes only a few hours. It is true that there are a couple of other days out there that you will be able to save on gift shopping; but, what if I told you that there was a way to enjoy Black Friday sales every single day?

 Well, it is true, there is a way! What I am revealing is not utilized by many consumers, but if it was, would save them a ton of money in the short and long term. The way to have Black Friday every day is simple; it is called wholesalers, or better known as global dropshippers.

 That is right, wholesalers. All you need to do is find a great directory of rampant distributors. If you, as a consumer, decide to purchase from no where but rampant companies, you will never have to cost retail prices again. Let me say that again, you will NEVER have to recompense retail prices ever! In other words, anytime that you purchase any type of product you will always be flourishing a nicely discounted price. This goes for things such as sporting goods, clothes, electronics, jewelry and more. In many cases some of the extensive prices that you will recompense will be a lot better then those found even on Black Friday.

 I know what you are thinking, if this is true, then how come you have never heard of it before? The authenticity is this. When most people think about widespread dropshippers, they think about auction sites. The characteristic person who is recognized with a global dropshipper, usually is an internet marketer, or someone who sells on ebay or other auction sites. You see, extensive droppshippers were chiefly designed for selling on auctions sites or even flea markets, but no one ever thinks about just getting great deals for themselves.

 So, when your friends and family start wandering how you are affording all this designer, expensive merchandise and clothing, it will be our little secret!