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This cleans your screen through the internet. Really you gotta check it out! (Funny)

Check it out and download it here!


  New Stuff On UNEvolved

-The Home Page has been updated to be more User Friendly And Totally Re-Vamped.

-Congrads to one of my buds on his wieght loss adventure!

-NEW UNEvolved flash banners added (YAY)

-Chat still is not working. Will try to fix :'(

-Band Members Wanted. Email me @

-New concept called "Best Of YouTube" Check it out!


Check out The Best Of YouTube on UNEvolved. We will hopefally have a huge archive of videos, obviusly being "The Best Of Youtube". So we need your E-mails Despratly. So send us your own YouTube video, or just one you like. You could see it up here. Send them to: