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Intro:   This is my attempt to bring together all of my interests together into one place, for others to learn and explore and for me to express my obsessive need to catalogue everything I have done and will do.   This central home page sends out tendrils to the major components of my real and virtual life, and conveniently organizes my favorite links for a personal home page.  Just started this 1/27/09, so realize this is  WORK IN PROGRESS!
These topics form the central tendrils:
1.  Neurology: the endlessly fascinating field as a whole, particularly movement disorders, which is my subspeciality.  Here I will attempt to outline basic concepts in outline form, and keep an updated list of the most important references and breakthroughs.  This could be a resource for trainees or those trying to organize specific topics in their minds.   Should be able to post past presentations if I have enough memory....
2.  Classical Music: "classical" is a loose term anymore, as the walls between different styles are continuously breaking down.  Here I hope to bring together all the interesting references and sites for what is going on in the world of "serious" art music, particularly the new stuff.  Soon to have a master list of everything I have played, famous people met, and autographs.
3.  Film: thank goodness for IMDB, where I am cataloging every movie I have ever seen, and slowly formulating them into groups of impact on my life.  
4.  Other Arts: Opera, theater, dance etc...more about what I have seen and what has shaped me. 
5.  Medical Humanities: vision to have a Wiki-type page describing the great works of art in any genre that deal with medicine, being a patient, being a doctor, etc., focusing on works related to Neurology.  It wouldn't be to hard to make the best such resource online at least for Neurology.  People could share their opinions about each work and maybe even rate them.
6. Fun Stuff: social networking, reviews, blogs, latest trendy time wasters etc.
7. Travel: Places I have been.
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News Links: Favorites
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