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The best way to communicate with me: firstname period lastname at gmail dot com


I'm currently a graduate student at Cornell University studying computational biology and medicine.    To learn more about me or my projects please visit the other pages linked from here. 

 Other sites of mine: 

My (purportedly) Biotech blog (Other random tech stuff also.)

Colleagues' Sites:

Former Adviser:  Jim Lund

Mentor:  Jerzy Jaromczyk

Friend and Mentor:  Rudy  (Ruriko Yoshida)

Friend and Collaborator:            Peter Huggins

Other sites by people I know:

My Fiance's Picasa Albums (Photos and art, especially landscape architecture)


Cornell Sites of Interest:


Tri-I CBM Program

People that deserve more fame (ideas welcome):

Robert Rosen, The greatest modeler of them all.

People that have enough fame, but maybe you don't know:

Friedrich Nietzsche,  My favorite philosopher. 





Software I've written.

Android Software

Biological Software

  • PolyAlign - Parallel Parametric Alignment software using Polytopal Geometry; work in progress.
  • Cell Phase Feature Analyzer - Used in the analysis of cell lineages and the inherent cell features.

Just for fun

  • CthughaNix -  An Oscilloscope on Acid! A UNIX port of Cthugha; beta.


  • - A site related to a virtual democracy and software development for democratic systems; on hold.



My Curriculum Vitae