JBS 2010/Web Applications

During the summer of 2010, 10 Brandeis University students participated in the founding semester of the Cosi JBS, the Justice Brandeis Semester.


Cakewalk is a way to share routes and the information along them.

Team members: Nick Gordon, Charu Jain, Theodore Pon, Eugene Wolfson

Social Market

Social Market is a application which let you invest anytime and anywhere. 

Team Members: Brian Sung, Fan-Chieh Kung 


Definitious is an online dictionary whose definitions are submitted and voted on by the online community. The community can "like" and "dislike" definitions that they read, allowing users to easily find quality definitions. Furthermore, the community can vote on definitions as being "helpful," "funny" or "poetic," giving users the flexibility to find definitions based on their mood or taste. 

Team members: Yale Spector, Murtaza Jafferji 

Roommate Helper

Roommate Helper is an online resource for improving communication between roommates, in order to promote more harmonious living. Roommates can use the knowledge and experience of their peers to create a useful and clear roommate contract, and can leave notes for each other on communal whiteboards. A mobile app for Android keeps these communication tools close at hand. 

Team members: David Baumgold, Gabe Berke-Williams

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Some pictures from the class, some taken at the end of the class, and some on the very first day! See if you can guess which is which.

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