Setting up shop at home

To complete the homework assignments, you might want to run things from a lab, a dorm, or somewhere off-campus.

Using Matlab outside of the Farber cluster

One can install Matlab using the university's site license by clicking here and following the instructions. Important note: be sure to install toolboxes, such as the Statistics Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox, and Image Processing Toolbox.

After you install Matlab, it is important to test to make sure you have the proper toolboxes installed.  After running Matlab, type the following on the command line and make sure there are no errors:

help images
help signals
help stats

Ensure git is installed

Make sure you have the repository manager git installed on your machine. If you have Mac OS, then git is already installed. If you are on a Windows machine, you'll need to install it here:

Accessing your files

After Lab 1.4, you'll have code files that you'll want to be able to access while you work.

You are welcome to use any system you like for managing your files, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, bringing your own computer, or carrying around a USB drive. In the class, we will "officially" support using UNET home directories, as described here.

On campus, you can mount your UNET home directory:

Before you can access your drive, LTS has to create your home space. Please follow these 2 steps:
  1. Enable shell access for your account.  You must do this before going any further–shell access is necessary for the remaining steps.
  2. Request home space from the Help Desk.

Mac: To mount your UNET home directory on a Mac, go to the program "Finder", go to the Go menu, and choose Connect to Server....  Enter smb:// (where username is your UNET username).  Press Connect, and enter your password.

PC (Windows 7): 
Right click on "My computer"
Choose "Map network drive"
If on a public computer, uncheck "Reconnect at login"
Check "connect with different credentials"
Click "Finish"

When the "Enter network password" dialog comes up, enter "users\unetusername" and your password.  If on a public computer, be sure NOT to check "Remember my credentials". Click OK

Off campus, you'll need to download your MATLAB directory.

On any computer, go to, log in, select the MATLAB directory, and click Download.  You'll download the directory as a compressed file; once it is on your own computer, you can uncompress it (double-click it) and move the folder to your Documents folder.  Be sure to add this directory to your Matlab path by calling addpath(genpath(YOURPATHNAME)) from the command line.

If you make changes to your files while working off-campus, you'll want to upload them back with the .