Membership is open to scholars, students and teachers of nineteenth-century American history at all levels. We currently have a membership of about sixty people, most of them teachers and researchers specializing in United States history in British universities, but including also graduate students, interested laymen, and foreign scholars. Membership payments are mostly used to finance postgraduate conference bursaries and to meet the Associations' extremely small running costs. Members receive regular emails with updates on conferences, publications, and workshops taking place across the UK related to nineteenth-century America, and have the opportunity to publicise their own research on our website.

Along with membership of BrANCH, you are also able to purchase a subscription to our journal, American Nineteenth Century History (see ANCH tab for more information). 
Please note that you must be a member of BrANCH to speak at the annual conference. The membership year runs January to December.

Subscriptions 2014 - Join Now

The membership fees for 2014 are:

Standard: £25
Postgraduate: £5
Standard with American Nineteenth Century History: £60
Postgraduate with American Nineteenth Century History: £40

To join, please fill in the membership form attached below, and either email or mail it to our treasurer, Dr Andrew Heath.

Dr Andrew Heath
Department of History
University of Sheffield
Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
Sheffield, S3 7RA

United Kingdom


If you pay electronically, please do not forget to send in the form (and Gift Aid) so that you can be added to our membership roster.

Payment Options:

1) Cheque (pounds sterling only) - please include this with your form to Andrew Heath

2) If you have a UK bank account, and you wish to pay via an online transfer, then please use the following details to transfer before forwarding the registration form via email or post:

Account name: BrANCH
Bank: CAF Bank, 25 Kings Hill Avenue, West Malling ME19 4JQ
Account no. 00009945
Sort Code 40-52-40
3) via Paypal below. 


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