Thought for the day: 
Is it easier to utilize one's strengths, or help them overcome their weaknesses?

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I am a Title I teacher that wears numerous hats. I love my job even in the worst storms. I have learned more from my staff than I ever could have learned on my own. I am a true believer that mistakes are one of the best learning tools and that the Golden Rule is imperative to life. I know that in order to be a great leader, I must understand all the branches of the tree. I would love to hear and learn from you, so please leave me a note!
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As a leader, it is so easy to utilize and polish a person's strengths, but  the real challenge is to ask yourself, do I have the patience and skills to develop a person's weakness
?  It is a question that requires a pause and a look into ourselves and our own strengths and weaknesses.  Great leaders know how to utilize their staff member's strengths, but can they identify and develop a staff member's weaknesses?

Branches of Leadership

I use the tree as a symbol for the strength of an educational community.  The branches are the aspects required of a leader  in order to have a successful and thriving educational community.  Although the trunk is the strength of a tree, the branches show its growth, health and vibrant beauty.  When the branches are strong and beautiful, the tree is awe-inspiring!

I use this acrostic poem to demonstrate what an educational leader needs in order to be successful.

Build through learning
Respond to all stakeholders
Advocate for students
Navigate to reach the common goal
Create a collaborative environment
Help all
Educate all stakeholders
Serve others