As the English translations are not being published in order here is a list of all the books with their original Swedish publication date to help you.

The titles are listed in the chronological order of the stories.

YEAR   SERIES                         TITLE

1999     Kurt Wallander              The Pyramid

1991     Kurt Wallander              Faceless Killers

1992     Kurt Wallander              The Dogs of Riga

1993     Kurt Wallander              The White Lioness

1994     Kurt Wallander              The Man Who Smiled

1995     Kurt Wallander              Sidetracked

1996     Kurt Wallander              The Fifth Woman

1997     Kurt Wallander              One Step Behind

1998     Kurt Wallander              Firewall

2000     Stefan Lindman             The Return of the Dancing Master

2002     Linda Wallander            Before the Frost

2004     Kurt Wallander               The Grave

2009     Kurt Wallander               The Troubled Man

Note that there are three series, and, as characters are mentioned in more than one book, they do overlap.